Want to camp on an active volcano? Here’s how

When most people think of camping trips, they probably think of boy scouts or an innocent family trip to discover the great unknown. Camping can be a cheaper alternative to staying in hotels, especially when your planned activity is rather costly; it can be a shelter when exploring wilder terrains or just something you can do in your backyard. However, some people have a need to find weirder and wilder places to camp, which is brilliant, because we have the perfect place in mind.

Nicaragua’s Telica Volcano

In the country of Nicaraguan is the incredible Telica Volcano which now hosts many avid campers from around the world. This is an active volcano that erupted in 2015, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt, and everyone was successfully evacuated. The awesomeness of it being an active volcano means you will get to experience the might of it first hand, with a unique twist. Nicaragua is based between north and south America, with Costa Rica bordering it to the south and Honduras to the north.

Telica Volcano

Camping up the volcano

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience unless you get a taste for it. However, there are plenty of tour guides who will take you up the volcano for a small fee. The journey is not for the faint-hearted, although many tourists who have done the trek up there have rated it an excellent experience. The volcano is your ultimate destination, but it is not the whole experience, the trek itself will open your eyes to some of the strangest and most impressive things you will ever witness, from boiling mud pools to wandering ox.

The overnight experience

The real height of the experience is camping at the volcano. People have reported that you will feel the shaking of the volcano beneath and that, the closer you get, the hotter it is. That’s the same for the trek itself; one experienced traveler even suggested that taking four liters of water was definitely not too much. There’s practically nowhere else where you get to sleep on an active volcano. At the campsite, it’s not strange to see random wisps of steam exiting the ground beneath you, oh and hot red lava flowing from the depths of the volcano’s mouth. However, some hopeful tourists were disappointed when they couldn’t see the lava, as sometimes it’s not visible; it depends on the day and relies on pot luck.

Camping on Telica Volcano

Other excursions

That’s not the only reason to go to Nicaraguan; the whole area is surrounded by jungle landscapes, which many keen travelers also endeavor to explore. The Volcano sits 3,481 feet above this terrain, looming above all the residents, both human and animal alike. There are a variety of excursions to choose from. There is even one where you can choose to go hiking for an entire two weeks and visit six volcanoes at this time. This is a country rich in exotic landscapes that you can experience in a unique way.

So, if you’re looking to walk on the wild side and undertake a unique camping experience on an active volcano, you now know where to go!