Space, the final frontier – why commercial space flight is the future of travel

While it might not seem as if we’re nearing the era of hovercrafts and casual space expeditions yet, those days may actually be closer than you think. Various business giants have been dabbling in the idea of space tourism for decades now, but it’s been a slow and challenging process. However, we’re nearing the breakthrough year. Advancements have been coming along rapidly thanks to the investment of individual billionaires, especially since governments have struggled to apply enough of a budget toward advancement programs.

Endless opportunities for discovery

While it might still seem like a crazy idea, companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic have already made a lot of headway, even having created a rigorous program people must follow before going into space. While this might feel a little out of reach for most people, it does open up the business of commercial space flights, paving the way for the future.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Why do we need to go into space?

Well, we could ask why we ever need to make advancements in any sector, but one of the main reasons people have taken an interest in space is because it’s exciting, vast, and mostly unexplored. However, there are some real benefits to space travel and promoting space exploration. Businesses like ‘Made in Space’ have found that it’s easier to create specific items in space, including medical devices and tools. There are also some materials more readily available in space than there is on earth. For example, asteroids and the moon have elements that are far rarer on earth, making it perfect for discovery and development. According to ‘Interesting Engineering’ claims that bringing back certain isotopes can reduce the earth’s reliability on fossil fuels, possibly altogether and permanently.

How far are we?

It doesn’t seem as if we’re all that far from space travel, in fact, Elon Musk claims he will have a working ‘Big Falcon Rocket’ worthy of space travel ready for 2023. These dates have been pushed back several times, but it’s mostly been surrounding health and safety issues. To fly with the prospective Virgin Galactic participants must arrive days ahead of schedule and undergo rigorous health and fitness tests and safety training before embarking on the future 2-hour journey that’s promised. The safety of the passengers is paramount, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because, if there is a disaster, it’ll be catastrophic and the future of space travel will be dramatically delayed.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Where are we going?

There has been a lot of chatter about possible destinations, and there are a few answers to this. The Virgin Galactic tours have promised to take people to the very outer layer of the atmosphere, so people will experience weightlessness and get a once-in-a-lifetime view of the earth from space. However, other programs are looking at regular travel to the moon, and some even want to make human colonies on Mars. So there are a whole variety of options, however, for keen consumers, it’ll be the novelty of seeing the earth from above.

Once commercial space tourism has made the definitive leap of taking their first flight filled with keen passengers, then space flight will become one of the most sought after experiences on earth. With many people eager to see this dream become a reality, it won’t be hard for commercial space flights to become popular with the rest of the world.