Questions to ask before booking an adventure travel vacation for the first time

Seeing other parts of the world is something many people are obsessed with now. Life is all about experiencing as much as possible, not flying to an exotic destination and sitting at the hotel bar the entire time. What’s life without a little adventure from time to time? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before booking an adventure travel vacation for the first time.


The amazing thing about an adventure vacation is that it can cover a wide range of activities, where the only limit is your imagination. The real adventure is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. For some people that might mean backpacking in the jungle, or for others it’s hopping on a ship and setting sail for the North Pole. The main feature of an adventure vacation is putting yourself out there, leaving yourself open to new experiences in a place that’s unfamiliar to you.

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Am I suited?

Some people might be put off the idea of going on an adventure vacation because they don’t feel adventurous enough. Not every adventure vacation involves putting yourself in some sort of danger, although many people do like a thrill or two on their travels.

If you are considering an adventure vacation, then the chances are you already are adventurous enough. Sure things can go wrong on an adventure vacation, but that’s all part of the journey, and as long as you remain open-minded then this is the trip for you.

Is there an age limit?

Adventures are for everyone, no matter how young or old they are. It’s becoming more common for parents to take their young children on adventure vacations, and older people are also seeing what the fuss is about.

Age is just a number, but you really have to consider your physical fitness, and whether you will be able to keep up with the activities. There’s no harm in hitting the gym an extra couple of times per week in preparation for your adventure vacation.

Is anywhere off-limits?

The travel industry is booming, and if you can find a place on a map, there’s likely going to be at least one company that is willing to get you there. Specialist tour operators offer adventures just about anywhere, even difficult destinations like Iraq and Afghanistan. You can head to the North Pole on an expedition, scale Everest, or get lost in the Amazon. Wherever you want an adventure is a possibility.

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Sleeping arrangements

One thing that puts many people off an adventure vacation is the thought that they will have to sleep rough or out in the wilderness. These days luxury is available to anyone who wants it, but you’ve obviously got to pay for it.

It’s not uncommon to be sipping bubbles on your safari tour as you watch the lions tear into their latest meal, or to sleep in a five-star hotel converted from an Indian palace. You can still live the high life and enjoy an adventure vacation, you just have to be prepared to part with a little bit of extra cash.

The only thing left to decide is whether you want to find a group, do a tailor-made tour, or create your very own adventure. With groups, you’ll get to share your experiences with like-minded people, but by tailoring your personal tour, you only do the things you want to do.