Extreme sports you can try without training

Some of us love to push our limits to the edge as we seek out anything that gives us an adrenaline rush. So what about if you want to give everything a go without any training? You might be in luck as it turns out there are several extreme sports you can try without training.

Rock climbing

Believe it or not, but standard rock climbing is one of the safest extreme sports out there. There are many guided tours where you can learn how to use all the equipment as well as getting shown the best places to climb. It might take a little strength in your arms, but the views from the top are often out of this world.

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Many of us dream about what it would be like to fly above the rest of the world. Now’s your chance. Paragliding sees people flying through the sky with a parachute, and some people can spend hours off the ground before they come back to reality. Tandem paraglides can be perfect for people looking to get into the sport as you don’t have the worry of being in control.

Bungee jumping

Sometimes, we need to push the boat just a little bit further to keep up with our need for an adrenaline rush. Want to know what it’s like to fall to the Earth only to fly back up in the air before you hit the ground? Good, because it sounds as though you’ll like bungee jumping. You don’t need any training – just nerves of steel.


Just like paragliding, parasailing sees you get a new height on the world. However, this time, your parachute is attached to the back of a boat. People are securely strapped into a harness and get lifted up into the air as soon as the boat speeds off. There’s nothing to worry about other than taking in the incredible heights from so high in the sky.


There is getting out on the water, and then there’s kayaking your way across the top. There are so many different ways to kayak, depending on what you want to experience. Some prefer to stick to calm waters while others like to push the limits and kayak their way down white water rapids to make it as extreme as possible.

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Ok, so this might not be strictly training-free as you will be given a short training course on what to do as you fall through the air, but that’s it! Starting with a tandem jump means you can focus your mind on taking in the Earth from higher than most of us ever experience while your brain learns what it’s like to truly be alive.

Scuba diving

There is a whole new world to discover underwater, and scuba diving can be the perfect chance to take it all in. Experienced divers can help make the entire thing feel effortless as you become one with the fish. The range of creatures all showing off their colors and exploring their home as you come to visit can almost make it feel like another land.

Extreme sports sure are one way to get the blood pumping. After all, how often do we get an adrenaline rush like it? Thankfully, not all of us have to be top gym bunnies to give them a go as there are several extreme sports you can try without training. Where do we start?