Discover the red beaches that will leave you stunned

The idea of red sand seems like something out of a fantasy film, but it is a genuine thing, and you can travel to see them too. Your typical beach will famously sport yellow or white sands, some of the most famous are those in Hawaii and the Caribbean. It’s the conventional view of paradise. However, if you’ve seen it all before or just prefer the idea of seeing something extraordinary without sacrificing the novelty of the beach, then red beaches should be on your list of things to see. Red beaches are rare and difficult to find, but if you look in these places, you’ll be in for a treat.

Cavendish Beach – Canada

If it’s red you want, then Cavendish beach has it. It has a vast length of red coastline, contrasting against the beautiful blue Canadian sky. The redness in the sand has been described to be a result of high iron levels. The more iron, the darker the red. One expert suggests that the iron creates a rusting effect in the sand, giving it a unique hue.

Cavendish Beach

Rabida Island in Ecuador

Rabida island is part of the famous Galapagos islands, which are a top tourist favorite when it comes to exotic landscapes and brilliant wildlife. Rabida island has one of the most breathtaking red beaches there is to see. These beaches are said to be the home of the brown pelican, so if you watch closely, then you’ll be able to spot them nesting if you’re lucky. That’s not all, you will also find an abundance of the usually-friendly sea lions, which might give you one of their adorable smiles. This beach is said to have been the result of volcanic activity hundreds of years ago which may have been the cause of the iron deposits in the sand. Either way, the depth of the color is astonishing and worth the trip.

Porto Covo Beach in Portugal

Portugal doesn’t just have great weather and fantastic nightlife, it also has red beaches! The color isn’t as vibrant as the color’s found on Rabida island, but it is certainly a sight to be seen. If you want somewhere stunning to put your feet up and relax in the sunshine, then Portugal is the place to be.

Kaihalulu Beach – Hawaii

This beach is isolated, despite being right in the middle of a town. This is because it is incredibly challenging to get to, with only a narrow and slippery ledge to walk down. It is very secluded because people have genuinely hurt themselves trying to get to it, so it’s kind of a ‘proceed at own risk’ kind of endeavor. Of course, once you do make it, the reward is one of the most stunning red beaches you will ever see. You will also be on your own, mostly, private beach where you can enjoy the novelty of Hawaii’s red beach.

Kaihalulu Beach

While these may not be the cheapest of endeavors, they are something you will remember for a lifetime, so it is well worth the expense. Red beaches are incredibly rare, and you’ll be lucky to experience one.