Amazing castles you can stay in

If like us you have ever wondered what it was like to sleep behind the stone walls of a mid-century European castle, then we have great news for you! More and more historical castles around Europe are being transformed into luxury accommodation for you to visit.

They host an array of gloriously magnificent rooms, are packed with fascinating ancient history, and sit surrounded by rolling landscapes of gorgeously kept gardens. What’s more, you’re invited to come and stay! Here’s some of our favourites.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Built in 1228, Ashford Castle resides on Ireland’s second largest lake. The original features of the castle still amaze, with suits of armor, gilt mirrors and oak paneling preserving the castle’s ancient past still deep within the history of its walls. It’s been occupied by plenty of famous inhabitants including the brewery Guinness family.

What does it offer? Lake activities, a luxury spa, 140 hectares of wooded parkland to explore.

Ashford Castle

Amberley Castle, England

This East Sussex castle resides in the quaint village of Amberley in the South Downs countryside. The 900-year-old castle is steeped in fascinating medieval architecture and artifacts, and pristine landscaped gardens surround the grounds. It’s stunningly picturesque and tranquil, perfect for a relaxing stay.

What does it offer? Luxury accommodation. Rooms complete with four-poster beds and whirlpool bathrooms.

Burg Wernberg, Germany

Dating back from the 12th century, this stunning castle is host to a distinct gothic charm that invites you to come and explore its rich European history. The castle was eventually converted into a hotel in 1959, sitting high above the land of the Bavarian hills for you to wander and gaze upon.

What does it offer? Panoramic views of the Bavarian countryside, exquisite cuisine from local produce.

Château de Bagnols, France

Located in the hidden countryside of central France, the aesthetics of the castle are everything you would want. A moat surrounds its walls, and a drawbridge lowers to allow visitors to cross into its grounds. On top of this, it’s enriched with an important history of the French Revolution from the 16th century, and the walls hang a spread of beautiful historical art.

What does it offer? It’s a five-star hotel, with lavishly decorated boutique rooms filled with antiques.

Château de Bagnols

Abbaye de la Bussière, France

Built in the early 12th century in Burgandy, Abbaye de le Bussiere was home to Christian monks. The place has an air of pure calm about it, situated within six hectares of delightful Burgundian parkland. Inside its walls, you’ll see dramatic high ceilings, striking reflections from stained-glass windows and grand sweeping staircases.

What does it offer? A Royal experience. A castle with splendid interior and Gallic food to satisfy your hunger.

These castle hotels are waiting for you. The prices may be a bit on the expensive side but if you are a history-lover interested in living like an ancient Royal for the night, then chances are a stay at one of these is a bit of you!