5 reasons why you need to get married on a Greek island

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. Who are you going to invite? What do you want the venue to be like? What about the centerpieces?! There are so many things to think about, but it all comes down to one, single day. That’s the day you’ll tie the knot with the love of your life… And what could be better than that?! If you’re currently pulling your hair out about where to get married, then we may have the answer for you. If you’ve never considered getting married on a Greek island before, then we could be about to change your mind.

The sun, sea, and sand

Of course, one of the biggest perks about getting married on a Greek island is the setting. You’re going to be surrounded by blue waters, with beaches dotted all over, and the sun beaming down on you. If you’re worried about wearing wedding dresses or suits in the boiling heat, consider the time you go (and the time you get married). For example, getting married at 4 pm in September is going to be a lot cooler than getting married in the middle of the day in July!

5 reasons why you need to get married on a Greek island

Keeping numbers low

A lot of Greek islands are remote and hard to get to, which means that not every guest is going to want to make the trek to attend your big day. While that may sound disappointing to some, to others it’s an absolute dream. Having a smaller, intimate wedding means that you’re surrounded by just a few people who really love you. Everyone else can celebrate with you when you get back home! Not only does a smaller wedding mean less big day anxieties, but it also tends to work out a lot cheaper…

It’s cheaper overall

In fact, getting married on a Greek island can really bring the total budget down if you’re trying to keep an eye on how much you spend. It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, but you can keep those costs low by getting married abroad. Things like food and drink tend to be a lot cheaper in European countries than at home. Plus, a lot of companies are willing to offer better deals as they want to contribute to the tourism and economy of the island – especially if you go somewhere a little off the beaten track.

Meet the locals

One thing that might happen if you get married on a Greek island is that you’ll find plenty of local well wishers wanting to send their love and fortune for your big day. Word gets around an island pretty quickly, especially if it’s a small one. You might find people turning up with sugared almonds or throwing rice on you as you leave your venue. There’s something so heartwarming about strangers gathering to celebrate your wedding; but don’t worry, you won’t need to feed them.

5 reasons why you need to get married on a Greek island

The food

On the subject of food, have you ever eaten proper Greek food? Most Greek islands are quite self-sufficient, which means that everything will be locally prepared. You may be eating feta cheese from the farm down the road, or tucking into a fish dish that was caught that morning. There is nothing quite like Greek food, especially when eating on an island. Your wedding meal will certainly be one to remember.

With so many stunning Greek islands to pick from, you can create the wedding of your dreams in this country… The only question now is: which one are you going to go for?