U.S. air travel hits Covid high over New Year’s holiday amid outbreak

U.S. air travel hits Covid high over New Year’s holiday amid outbreak

Despite many warnings from top health officials, and pleadings from local government and healthcare officials, over a million travelers passed through airport security in America during the New Year. Despite how concerning this is, many health officials thought that it was predictable and to be expected.

Even Dr. Fauci commented that it was to be expected, since a portion of the public has become belligerent about any health guidelines. The true concern, however, should be that hospitals across the nation, who were struggling with a post-Thanksgiving wave of cases, will now be completely overwhelmed in the coming days.

Slowing the spread

December was the worst month for the spread of the Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. John Hopkins reports that America was averaging, per day, around 2,600 deaths, far higher than the number in previous months.

In addition to the concerning numbers is the fact that some nations in Europe and Africa are now experiencing a new strain of the virus, which could potentially be more infectious or deadly than the first strain. At the moment, the best way to limit how much worse this gets as people move into 2021 is to continue to follow the same precautions that have been in place for months.

How to stay safe

None of the health advisories or recommendations have majorly changed, despite the roll-out of a vaccine. People are still encouraged to be socially distant, to wear masks when in public spaces or when spending time with people who are not in their household, and to limit travel to the bare necessities. However, since New Years has already passed and a large number of people have traveled or met with family and friends, another recommendation would be that people should self-quarantine once they return home. It is recommended to quarantine for at least a week, if not two, when returning from travel, near or far.

So, for those who traveled during this holiday season, please be slow to return to work, church, or any other regular, in-person activity. By doing so, there will be a time buffer between returning to home and it allows you to see if there are any symptoms or conditions that might be COVID related. So, overall, as people go to travel in the New Year, be as careful and cautious as possible.