Top ranked travel destinations for tourists

Top ranked travel for tourists

Contemplating travel at the moment might be a sad experience. For many, the ability to travel has been postponed, at least for the present. Countries face screenings and quarantines that would make a trip completely impossible. However, something to apply balm to the wayward hearts of travelers might be Lonely Planet’s new travel book. They made a previous coffee table book, ranking must see sights and destinations, and they have made a new version. So, even if travel now is not a possibility, it is always fun to think and plan for when it will be possible.

Previewing paradise

Lonely Planet took into account the Coronavirus epidemic, and has been sure to try and provide places that are acting responsibly at this time. In addition, they tried to focus on not only the sights and locations, but how the people there treat the area around them. Overall, Lonely Planet wants people to be able to plan for an exciting and fun 2021 travel season. After all, Coronavirus has created many tough conditions for people to work under, and it is important to find a safe place to cool down, away from the stresses of work and day to day life.

Top hits

Among Lonely Planet’s Top Destinations, there are locations like Nepal and Bolivia, offering hikes and experiences with nature that cannot fail to wow even the most seasoned traveler. In addition, the list includes locations like Petra, Jordan and the Temples of Angkor, locations of old civilizations that are so iconic they could be the film set for an Indiana Jones remake. Lonely Planet also has its fair share of national parks, both in the United States and in Australia. The maintained and cared for beauty of nature can be appreciated there for those who are not yet ready for a trek into the wilderness.

Finally, Lonely Planet has been sure to include some lakeside resort areas, offering a slower pace for travelers who are still looking for a bit of fresh air away from the big city. Whatever you look for in a vacation, Lonely Planet can give a solid recommendation. When looking, it is important to remember the following: Coronavirus and the restrictions it has created is temporary, but the yearning for adventure and travel can last a lifetime.