Tens of thousands expected to travel pass through LAX in coming weeks

Tens of thousands expected to travel, pass through LAX in coming weeks

Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving all come within a month or so of each other, and are the top three most traveled holidays in America. It is estimated that over 50 million people will travel through Los Angeles Airport, LAX, during the end of the year. This coincides with a deep worry about rising case numbers across the county and with pleas from health officials to avoid travelling and to stay home this holiday season.
However, just the past week or so, LAX has seen over one million travelers. How exactly this will impact the country, and what this might mirror for the rest of the US, is not clear just yet.

Travel surges, and so does COVID-19

Thanksgiving has been one of the only major holidays that had a degree of normalcy this year, but one of the downsides was that it came at the cost of heightened case numbers almost unilaterally across the states. Nearly every state has reported alarming numbers coming post-Thanksgiving, with urbans areas such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, and others being significantly impacted. It is likely this trend will be repeated during the Christmas and New Year season, given the amount of people who have traveled through LAX.
This is especially disturbing because Los Angeles is running out of sick units in their hospitals because of how many new Coronavirus cases they are seeing. Given all this, it truly is a plea from local healthcare workers for people to play it safe, and sacrifice one holiday with the family, so that you can be sure to see them again for the next one.

Crippled hospitals in LA

LA has seen almost one million new cases since Thanksgiving, with almost 10,000 deaths to boot. If they are faced with another fresh wave of Coronavirus cases after Christmas and New Year, it is quite likely they will have to turn people away from the hospital because of lack of room.
Overall, for travelers in the LA area and elsewhere across the US, it is highly recommended to stay home if able — or to social distance, wear a mask, and cut back on meetings with others during this time. It is certainly hard on everyone, but with the release of a vaccine that might be available in a few months, it is not too big a sacrifice to make.