Snow and ice cause Isle of Man Mountain Road closure and travel disruption

Snow and ice cause Isle of Man Mountain Road closure and travel disruption

The Isle of Man has been receiving a thrashing at the hand of some winter storms, and that has caused local authorities to close down some of the roads. Given its small size, every road is key on the island, and officials are going to be making constant updates on the state of things as the snow continues to fall. The hope is that, in closing down the road, no one will make any icy accidents and that residents of the island can remain safe.

Mountain road shut down

The main road being shut down amidst this terrible weather is the Mountain Road. The Mountain Road has been closed from Ramsay all the way to Creg-ny-Baa. According to reports, it will continue to remain closed at least until 3am, when the authorities will review the weather situation and determine if it needs to remain closed for a longer period than that. At the moment, this cuts off a good number of residents from receiving services they need across the island.
In addition to the road being closed, local bus systems are going to stay off the mountain road as well. The mountain road is not the only road to be in need of evaluation, as roads island wide are experiencing disruption, with many being downright dangerous to drive on. There is currently a yellow warning in effect for weather conditions until 3pm today, when the proper groups will evaluate whether the warning will need to remain in place, or if it can be reduced or removed altogether.

Safety suggestions

In light of the weather troubles, and the future forecast, it has been recommended for citizens to stay indoors to avoid any unwanted or dangerous situations. In addition, any travel should be done in the day, when conditions are more clear and things are more visible. Traveling at night not only will reduce visibility, but there is a frost and ice warning in place.
Even if the snow should melt during the day, the winter temperatures are going to make an appearance at night, and turn the puddles and slush into deadly pockets of ice. So for those traveling about the island, please remember to stay safe, enjoy a warm drink while this all