Maldives to offer rewards to repeat visitors

In the wake of COVID, the travel industry is scrambling for ways to return things back to normal. Many flights are cheaper than they have ever been, offering extra rewards or miles for passengers who use their services. However, the Maldives is taking things a step further by offering a rewards program specifically for those who travel to the Maldives.

Gold ticket to paradise

On September 28th, a government official of the Maldives Tweeted that they would be introducing a unique three-tiered loyalty program for any tourists who may decide to visit their beautiful country. As a country that primarily relies on tourism and hospitality for their economy, it is imperative that the country find a way to bounce back from the COVID slum.

Maldives to offer rewards to repeat visitors

This proposed loyalty program will have three tiers to it. These include Abaarana (Gold), Antara (Silver) and Aida (Bronze). Tourists will be able to earn points based off of the number of trips they take to the Maldives and how long those trips last. Additional loyalty points can be earned by visiting the Maldives during a special occasion, as well. This campaign in the Maldives is nearly unprecedented, with the only close comparison being Iceland’s free plane layover when travelling to Europe.

An eye on the horizon

The Maldives plans to initiate this loyalty program sometime during December of 2020. As such, the exact nature of the loyalty system and what the perks are for the different reward tiers and points is still up for discussion. One possible way perk might be discounted hotel rates. With the hotel rates being very high in the Maldives, this would allow them to balance things out for those looking to travel internationally after the COVID crisis.

Other potential perks might be discounted rates at certain sponsored restaurants or attractions, as those are two of the primary things that the Maldives offer to their visitors. The Maldives, a collection of islands south of India and Sri Lanka, offer a plethora of astounding ways to interact with nature, as they are so distanced from the rest of the world. However, this new loyalty program will greatly hinge on how COVID affects the rest of the world in the winter months, and if people will still feel comfortable travelling in the face of a possible second wave of a disease.

However, this much is certain. Once the Maldives initiate their program, other countries who rely heavily on tourism — such as Cyprus, Iceland, or Mexico — will be forced to try and come up with innovative ways to compete with the Maldives, which will be to the benefit of travelers world-wide.