Lonely Planet Are Launching Carbon-Neutral Tours

Lonely Planet are renowned for their travel guides, with over 120 million of their books being sold since they were founded in 1972. As the digital age loomed, they capitalized on their share of the internet with an online version of their guide books. However, it seems as though they’re not intent on stopping at just guides, as they have decided to put their finger in another pie… Carbon-neutral tours.

Tony and Maureen Wheeler founded Lonely Planet in 1972
Lonely Planet Are Launching Carbon-Neutral Tours

Humble Beginnings

Lonely Planet was a concept that came to husband and wife Tony and Maureen Wheeler back in 1972. The pair had traveled across Europe and Asia to Australia when the idea to create a guide book struck them. Their first book, entitled ‘Across Asia on the Cheap’ was written and stapled together by the couple in their home, and was just 94 pages long. Fast forward to today, and Lonely Planet is a travel brand that everyone knows. With over 200 authors and thousands of guides for pretty much every country on the planet, there’s no denying they’re a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Expanding Their Reach

Many people have wondered why Lonely Planet have seemingly stuck to what they know – books and guides. So, it may not come as too much of a surprise to see they’re branching out. Teaming with adventure travel company, Intrepid Travel, the guidebook company have launched Lonely Planet Experiences. However, this isn’t your typical tour company as they have one major goal in mind – responsible travel.

Lonely Planet experiences offer carbon-neutral tours
Lonely Planet Are Launching Carbon-Neutral Tours

Sustainable Travel

There has been a lot of talk recently about sustainable travel, traveling responsibly, ecotourism, and offsetting travelers’ carbon footprints. 68% of Lonely Planet website users surveyed said they care more about sustainable tourism than they used to, and this seems to have played a big part in the company’s decision. They have now released 200 day tours and over 130 multi-day trips in their Lonely Planet Experiences section, all of which help support local businesses and communities, while also being carbon-neutral by including carbon-offsetting contributions in the price of the tours.

This is undoubtedly a positive move for Lonely Planet, and they’re working with experts in the business – Intrepid have been carbon-neutral since 2010. So, whether you want a food tour of Tokyo or an eight-day tour of Italy by train, you’ll find it all over on Lonely Planet Experiences.