Where can you still travel with a US passport?

One of the most significant travel documents you could own is the United States Passport. Within the country, it is a powerful document that can be used to identify yourself and can be used when applying for other official documents. Outside of the country, however, it offers the bearer access to almost every country — a grand total of 184, to be exact.

Nevertheless, much has changed since the beginning of the Coronavirus, and sadly, the sheer number of cases within the US has caused them to be shut out from many countries. The EU and other popular travel destinations have indefinitely banned US travelers from visiting. Fortunately, not everything is hopeless for those in the US wishing to travel… and there are still a number of places where the adventurous can go.

Heading for warmer waters

Among the places that people from the US can travel to, many of the Caribbean isles remain open to them. Barbados, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, and Bermuda all remain open to US citizens. Other islands, like Granada and the Dominican Republic, are also willing and accepting of citizens from the country to the north.
Besides the Caribbean, there are other island nations that are open to the US. The Maldives, a south of India, is open to US travelers and may be, in the near future, offering bonuses to those who travel to their lovely islands. For those wishing to travel to the EU, Malta allows those who will quarantine to visit their islands. If Malta is not to your liking, Croatia has also ignored the EU’s guidelines and has allowed Americans to visit their country as well.

Finally, French Polynesia is allowing passengers from the US, so long as they test COVID negative within 72 hours of departure. With so many options available to them, many travellers with wanderlust can scratch their travel itch, without worrying about unexpected delays or strict travel restrictions.

Communing with nature

For those who are tired of beach getaways, but would still like to go somewhere warm, many countries in Africa and the Middle East remain open to Americans. Turkey and Egypt both remain open, offering historical sights thousands of years old, as well as food and housing at a very cheap cost (comparative to other nations). For those with a little bit of extra money to spare, Dubai remains open to Americans as well.
If African wilderness is what you prefer, countries like Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya, and others remain open. They’re welcoming to visitors, as long as proper guidelines are followed. Finally, if you are looking to visit the Far East, countries like Bangladesh, South Korea, and Cambodia are all available for Americans to travel to as well.

What does this mean for you if you feel inclined to travel in the near future? While travelers can’t visit many familiar places and cities as they did before, this might be the year to finally go off the beaten path.