How to stay safe when traveling solo around the globe

Traveling is an incredible way to see the globe, as well as offering up the chance to experience a whole host of new situations. This can be even better if you pack your backpack and head off solo. However, there are some important tips to remember while on your own that will help to keep you safe.

Listen to yourself

Have you ever been somewhere and just had a bad feeling about your surroundings? There is a good reason: our bodies pick up on anything unusual without us even realizing. So if your gut is saying that it’s time to go, it’s better to be safe than sorry. That goes the same for people too – never go anywhere alone with someone you don’t trust.

How to stay safe when traveling solo around the globe

Research ahead of time

Before you jet off on your adventure, it’s best to get an idea of whereabouts you will be heading. There may have been a recent disaster, or the country could have unknown dress codes that you don’t discover until you get there. By doing all your research, you minimize the risk of any unexpected disasters, so you are free to enjoy your travels.

Trusted car rides

Getting into the car with a stranger sounds like a bad idea, right? So why are we so willing to climb into a taxi? When you’re alone, it’s even more important to make sure you know who you are going to be driving with. Some companies offer a rating system so you can check them out beforehand, while others may provide women-only services for the solo female traveler.

Think about luggage

Yes, we admit it, we have overpacked before jetting off. However, if you are going alone and planning on heading all around the world, do you really want to be lugging a great big heavy suitcase behind you? Chances are you’ll want to spend your time out enjoying yourself, not working out how to try and get your bag up 10,000 steps to the top of an ancient temple. To avoid this issue, just take the money, ID, and belongings you will need when you head out and leave the rest in a safe place back at home.

How to stay safe when traveling solo around the globe

Be confident

Sadly, people with bad intentions will often pry on those that look lost or confused. If your eyes are stuck to your phone as you try to navigate the winding streets on your new adventure, then the chances are you’ll stand out from the locals. Keep your chin up, walk tall, and act as though you know precisely where you are. That way, pickpockets and other people up to no good will be more likely to leave you alone. Bonus!

Get insured

One of the biggest traveling mistakes is thinking you don’t need to worry about any kind of insurance. Although no one wants to have to make a claim, imagine how much worse it could be if you are ill or something gets stolen while you are traveling alone. Travel insurance doesn’t have to be expensive either. It’s peace of mind for you and your loved ones back home.

Social media savvy

Yes, uploading all your beautiful travel snaps could seem like a brilliant idea. You can share your memories with all your friends as well as make some of them jealous. However, you could also be opening up the door to people know where you are, and they know you’re alone. Instead, it’s probably best to save the uploads until you are back and you can show everyone in person.

Traveling can be an incredible experience for anyone that decides to jet off around the world. The sights and scenes are breathtaking, even without a travel buddy. The world is your oyster, go and enjoy it. Just remember to stay safe!