The souvenirs you absolutely have to get when traveling abroad

When we travel, we take photos and create long-lasting memories, but sometimes we crave more than that. We often find ourselves wandering through aisles and aisles of irrelevant souvenirs, looking for gifts for friends, family members, and ourselves, to remind us of our travels. We always end up with the same useless key rings and pens, but here are some more interesting souvenirs to collect while you’re traveling abroad.

Musical memories

Many locations have their own styles of music, and a souvenir devoted to that can serve as a wonderful reminder of your trip. This could be an instrument which is commonly seen in that area, such as castanets in Spain, as a reminder of their famous Flamenco dancers, or a CD from the area. Better yet, street performers often sell their own music, so you could even buy a piece of their work as a much stronger memory of the specific area you visited.

Put your souvenirs to use

Along the same lines as music, you could even bring home a souvenir dedicated to the area’s culture. Cooking ingredients and foods are often the best way to do so – of course ensuring that whatever you buy can pass through customs. Buy a little bit of your favorite foods and spices from your trip, to use when you get home. It will be a nice reminder of the flavors and foods of the country, as well as being a souvenir that definitely won’t be wasted.

Street art

If buying the music from a street performer isn’t your ideal souvenir, maybe their art will be. Many countries and cities see artists creating stunning pieces while sat in public. Buying a piece of their artwork not only serves as a fantastic reminder of your travels but also supports the local community. Besides, they’re always beautiful and frame-worthy. You might even find a street artist who will draw you a personalized caricature or otherwise custom piece.

Be practical

If you want a souvenir which will hold marvelous memories of your trip, but you don’t want it to be wasted, then find a practical item. Many shops will sell decorated kitchen utensils and clothing, which often feature the country’s flag or landmarks. These can make for useful gifts, as well as allowing you to remember your vacation every time you use it.

Ornate memories

Possibly the most common souvenir is so for a reason. Ornaments and decorations of the local culture and landmarks are one of the best souvenirs you can find abroad. You can display them anywhere you like – your bedroom, living room, kitchen, where you can see a constant reminder of the wonderful memories you made while traveling. You can find a whole range of ornaments on your vacation, including mini replicas of landmarks and attractions, as well as cultural goods.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying unsurprisingly common souvenirs, like string bracelets and t-shirts, and instead opt for something more unique. You can find a range of relics which are special to you and your trip, along with many practical goods which prevent them from being wasted and forgotten about.