Are lazy vacations a waste of money?

What a vacation means to everyone is different. For certain people, it means to follow a tight schedule and seeing as many attractions as possible. While for others, a vacation means relaxing and winging their every move.  However, there are few people who actually set aside vacation time for the sole purpose of being lazy.

There are, of course, people that plan on relaxing on holiday, and then come back seriously exhausted and sunburned. This simply makes it harder for them to return to work, with run-down immune systems. They surely did not get the relaxing vacation they had in mind. Driving all day or standing in line for a ride of day is not relaxation either.

So perhaps you decide instead, to take a completely lazy vacation, where you commit to achieving nothing at all and giving into your every impulse. But there are some people that would argue that a lazy vacation abroad is a complete waste of money.

From another perspective going on holiday to be constantly stressed and running from place to place can be seen by some as a waste of money. Why take a vacation to another place and spend so much money if it will even be relaxing? Being lazy is something that we often do not get to do in our everyday lives, and is most certainly worth paying for to be done in an exciting new place.

There is always the argument that you can be lazy from the comfort of your own bed and not spend a single penny. However, we often find it hard to stop our everyday lives and actually do this. Taking a lazy vacation, although costly, is the best way to truly leave our everyday lives and simply relax and not worry about anything.

Of course, everything is relative and can be interpreted differently. But for someone who is a workaholic and lives a hectic life, finding the time and actually just laying around on the sofa all day is quite rare.

And there is nothing quite like hanging out at the beach all day, drinking fruit smoothies, getting a massage, watching movies, playing board games and completely indulging in the laziest way possible.  Sometimes we need to travel abroad to allow ourselves to this, perhaps we feel more anonymous while in another country, and therefore more alright the thought of being lazy.