Here’s when you should really book your flights

Booking flights is usually a time filled with excitement as means a vacation is coming. Don’t you sometimes wish your flight could be just a little cheaper though? If you’ve been thinking there must be a cheaper way to book your flights then you’re in luck, there is! It all depends on when you book them, and these are the best ways to book your flights.

Private browsing

First things first, when you’re shopping around for flights you’re going to want to do it incognito. Those pesky airlines are monitoring you every time you check their prices online. Every time you go back to their website the prices will go up, so the best way to stop that from happening is to use your web browser’s private function. It’s normally a box you can check in the options section and is very easy to turn on. Using this will prevent airlines from tracking your browsing history as it stops your cookies being made available.

Paying in other currencies

Sometimes it’s actually cheaper to pay in a different currency. You can see what payment options you have available to you and then do a quick currency conversion to see if it would be better to pay using a different one. Check with your credit card company that you are not charged for using different currencies as that can basically wipe out the saving you might have made.

Book well in advance

It is amazing how much money people can save on their flights if they just book them well in advance. As it gets closer to the flying date airlines know they can bump up the price, especially if the flight is filling up fast. Make sure you get in ahead of the rush and book your flight at least four weeks before departing. Try not to book them too early either though as those tickets also come at a premium. Booking four to eight weeks before you’re due to fly is the best time for cheap flights. If you’re traveling to your destination for a major holiday the best time to book is one month before the big day, and six before Christmas and New Years Day.

Booking on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Airlines often have sales during the week and these two days are the most common for them. Also, when you’re booking your flight try to fly out on a Tuesday or a Saturday. People who are traveling for business tend to fly on the Monday and those going on vacation will want the entire weekend. That’s where you can swoop in and take the cheap airline seats before anyone else does. Airlines want to fill their planes, so these are great days to fly to keep your costs low.

These helpful little tips will make sure you have more money in your wallet to spend on vacation, rather than spending all your cash getting there. Always explore your booking options, get in there nice and early, and turn on your private browsing, it’s really worth it.