Flying solo? This is how you can meet the best travel-buddies

Traveling alone can often be very lonely. There may be times during your travels when you feel like the experience would be better of shared with someone else. But how do you meet friends when traveling alone? It’s easier than you think.

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Stay in hostel dorms

If you’re going traveling alone, there is nothing worse than staying in a hotel or staying in a private room in a hostel. If you choose to stay in a hotel dorm, you cannot avoid meeting new people making new friends who have the same interests as you. Because you all have one interest in common – travel. When thrown into a room together, the common questions ‘so how long have you been traveling for?’ and ‘where have you been so far?’ will come up, and if you haven’t got answers to those questions, then you’re not traveling right. Your answers will provide answers from other people, and voila, we have contact.


If you don’t fancy staying in a hostel, couchsurfing is another great option. Yes, it could be that you do stay on a couch, but more often than not, the hosts on couchsurfing are local natives who have a spare bed or room. These hosts are used to having travelers stay with them and will be your first friend. Your hosts will then be able to introduce to some of their friends, and some of the best hot-spots where other like minded people hang out.



Volunteering while you’re traveling is a common activity taken on by fellow travelers. If it is a coordinated volunteering trip with a company, there will be more of you, and you will be volunteering with a whole group of people. Volunteering is another way you can meet new people who are interested in the same things that you are, and it’s probably best you do try and get on because you’ll be spending a lot of time with them!

Social media

The technology and Apps nowadays are perfect for the modern traveler. If you find yourself needing some company, or another person to share your experience with, you can always turn to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Searching these platforms for keywords about your location can lead you to cool new places, as well as people. For example, if you search ‘coffee Paris’ you may come across the best coffee shops in Paris, and can even connect with those who look similar to you. Don’t worry about feeling awkward or needy – reach out! If they don’t reply, then there’s no love lost.

Make friends on transportation

While traveling, you may find yourself on public transport for many hours of the day. Whether it’s riding the night train in Vietnam or the Greyhound in Sydney, why don’t you strike up a conversation with your neighbor? The long journey will seem shorter, and you’ll enjoy it more.  They are also going in the same direction as you, and they may be equally as lonely, and your conversation may be a welcome release to them as well. Who knows, you may come out with a new traveling companion.