Digital Traveling Communities You Need to Join Now

Whether you are planning your first big trip abroad, or just feeding your wanderlust, following and joining digital traveling communities is a really great way to get your feet wet by living vicariously through others. Following travel communities is also a wonderful way to get the best tips and tricks from those who have been to the places you are looking into, as well as incredible photos to get your appetite running.

So who are these online travel communities we are talking about? We are going to introduce you to two Facebook groups and two travel blogs with thousands of members and followers, who are all about their experiences (both good and bad) while traveling, Q & A about various topics that other members of the group can answer, and support for those in need of help while abroad. These spaces are where the hive mind is at its best – somehow someone always knows the answer.

Girls LOVE Travel | Facebook Group

With a staggering member list of 216,000 and growing, this Facebook group is an international support system for any girl looking to travel. Girls LOVE Travel is filled with stories from their travels – the good, the bad and the ugly. They share photos of great spots they have been to, either in the entertainment genre or gorgeous hikes they went on, as well as asking the community questions regarding local customs, solo traveling tips, and pre-flight purchase tips.

Some women are just there to share their travel journey, talking about how they planned their trip, who they were going with (whether that worked out or not) and the results of their travels, both in personal growth as well as life changing decisions made while on their travels. Many of the women following have yet to go anywhere, but use the group as a form of research and encouragement towards their future travels. Over all it’s extremely inspiring to be in a group such as this, even if just for a good read.


Webworktravel | Digital Nomad Network | Facebook Group

A digital nomad is someone who uses their wireless devices to work from anywhere. Between laptops, smart phones and WiFi in practically every public space around the world, if you work in a field where being in an office is not a given, then it is fairly easy to work from just about anywhere. Webworktravel is a community of just these individuals – men and women traveling around the world and working to make a living as they do it.

The group has over 20,000 members today and is sure to keep growing as the trend of giving up the ‘local home’ and traveling for long periods of time, is growing exponentially. Even with the group we discussed above, Girls LOVE Travel, there are many women who have decided to quit their desk jobs and travel the world (a feat that is, granted, rather luxurious unless done with a very calculated measure).

Webworktravel calls itself a “travel guide and community for digital nomads”, and that is exactly what it is. Members of the group bounce ideas and questions off one another, problem solving their way through being a working person in a nomad status.


Travels of Adam | Travel Blog

Adam is a really cool guy who decided to quit his job as a graphic designer and travel the world. He considers himself a full-time traveler, with a trip to Iceland that changed his perspective on life and catapulted him to where he is today. The blog is full of travel stories and advice for every place he has been to. He’ll tell you where he went and how it was, how the locals do things and what to avoid if possible.

Adam considers himself a hipster, if that really is a category to consider one’s self, but his city guides are called ‘Hipster Guide to…” so we have to assume that’s the title he gives himself. Anyway, Adam has been to an enormous amount of countries, venturing to places that are both remote as well as popular but somehow always manages to get the inside scoop about each city, and sharing it with the world through Travels of Adam. Following this blog will be very helpful for your travels.

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Triphackr | Travel Blog

Triphackr was started by Boson native, Clint. Clint has traveled to over 100 countries on his quest for full-time traveler status and advising those who a little less traveled than him. Clint writes, “I started Triphackr to share the tips and travel hacks I have learned from over a decade of traveling.” This blog is for those who really want to make it places but want some hacks so it can be more affordable. Also, Clint is very good at supplying his readers with in-depth information about each place and situation he has been in, giving his readers as much help as he can.

An example of a few articles, so you can get the sense of what Clint and his blog are all about: “How to Use Your iPhone for Free Abroad”, “How to Travel to Cuba Without a License”, “How to Travel to Iran as an American”, and “Sleeping at the Rim of an Active Volcano in DR Congo”; come on, every bone in this guy’s body is an adventurous one! He is a great source for all things travel, with an added zest of deals and tricks to make your trip more affordable and safe.

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