7 essentials for a great road trip

The season for road tripping is upon us and there’s no better time than the hot summer days to grab a friend, or two and hit those long, endless windy roads. There is something so liberating about taking a road trip. It gives you an opportunity to explore the country (whether you decide to go local or travel abroad) from a different side and perspective. On a road trip you get to see the sides of the country that you would have never been able to otherwise. It’s also about taking some time for yourself and your thoughts, just because you are traveling with another person, it doesn’t mean there has to be talking 24/7. As much as a road trip can seem like a spontaneous adventure to embark on, it does take some planning before you hit that road. So if you are planning to embark on a nice long road trip any time soon, don’t forget to bring along and pack these essential items.

Audio books

Road trips can be a long and journey, and so you might find it more interesting to listen to some audio books instead of the radio while you’re in the driver’s seat. Moreover, it you called shotgun and you’re not driving, reading while in motion can make you feel nauseous, so it could be a great alternative.


Preferably healthy ones. One of the greatest things about going on a road trip is that you don’t always know when your next stop for freshening up will be (unless you’re using a special app for that). In case you get hungry or just craving some sweets, you’ll have those snacks ready right by your side.

Baby wipes

Once you use those baby wipes, you really won’t understand where they have been your entire life. Baby wipes are useful for pretty much everything. From cleaning your seat, to making you feel like you just washed your hands. Trust us, you would probably want to take more than one pack of baby wipes. You’ll thank us later.

Spare car keys

Do yourself a favor and take along another pair of keys, especially when traveling with kids. The last thing you want to happen is getting licked outside your car. Always make sure you carry those spare kids in your bag every time you leave the vehicle.


While smartphones and other devices that can be held with your hands are nice, there’s nothing like working your creative juices while driving through the country. Put aside those digital devices and you will realize how nice it could be to connect with the people around you by even playing ‘stupid’ car games. You have travel bingo, cards, word games and counting games.

Cash for those road tolls

It might sound like an obvious tip, but you don’t want to get stuck without any cash when you hit a toll road. They can really pop out of nowhere and you don’t always know what their fares will be. Just stock your front drawer with some coins and you’ll be good and ready to go.

First Aid kit

Just like you won’t forget your portable phone charger, that’s how you should treat a first aid kit. It contains all the basic essentials in case of a small scratch or a bigger emergency. You can get those ready-to-go kits at AAA and it will seriously be a lifesaver.