5 apps for a successful camping trip in Australia

There might be something quite contradicting with the idea of getting away, especially on a camping trip and using your phone constantly, however, in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to escape our sliding friends. Australia, being a country as well as a continent, you can only imagine the number of attractions and things to do in this miraculous place. From swimming with sharks in The Great Barrier Reef to exploring the outback and just simply relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches the country has to offer. Yet, one of the most adventurous and exciting things to do in Australia is hands down – camping. It can be in the form of a tent in the middle of nowhere or inside a caravan. The camping sites and caravan parks are incredibly organized and are accessorized with the best features and amenities. All of these make the whole outdoor experience a much more pleasant one.

While camping is pretty much about going back to nature, having a smartphone in your hands can be quite useful and will enable you and your camping mates to enjoy and relax your camping vacation more freely. Here are five apps that will help you turn your next Australian camping adventure to a better one.

Wiki Camps Australia:

If you decide to go camping in the Land Down Under, you really should download Wiki Camps to your smartphone. This app will be your ultimate guide with the most updated information regarding different points of interest, parks, campgrounds and more. The bonus is that you don’t necessarily need internet connection as it works offline as well. The app is user-friendly and is simple to use.

Willy Weather:

They say that in Australia in just one day, the weather can change drastically. Sometimes, it’s almost like there are four different seasons happening at the same time, and that’s why you need a good weather app that will help you plan your trip according to the weather. Willy Weather app is great in the sense that intuitive and user friendly. You will have all the weather-related information you will need from forecast to sunrise and sunset and rain radars.

Australia Bushwalking:

It doesn’t get more Aussie than that, really. A big part of a camping trip is exploring the area around your campsite, and what better way than getting to know the area than by foot? Bushwalking is pretty much synonymous to hiking. The app will provide different useful and detailed track points. It chronicles almost 100 of Australia’s bush walks including the Larapinta Trail and the famous Great Ocean Walk. It’s both informative and includes some great personal insights, which makes it more authentic.

Show the Loo:

When nature’s calling, you just have to go. The only problem is that when you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’re not sure where the closest and most decent place to go is. This app is extremely useful for those who traveling in a van that doesn’t have an ensuite bathroom or toilet facilities. It will provide you with information on the closest toilets as well as their opening hours.

Star Chart:

What’s more romantic than staring at the stars when you are sleeping outside, it’s literally written in the stars for you to use this app. Even if you’re not a big astrology fan, it could be pretty cool to get some in depth information when you are stargazing. From a star to a constellation, the app will notify you what you’re looking at, even during the day.