Different forms of transport all over the world and how to use them

Do you ever remember the very first time you rode the bus or a train? As a young bright kid, hopping on public transport was an exciting experience full of new sights and sounds, but now as a bored and tired adult, the only thoughts running through our minds are “how long until my stop?”, or “what on earth is that rank smell?”

If you ever want to revisit that thrilling first-time experience of public transport, then that means you need to find a form of transportation that you’ve never been on before. Across the world, there’s plenty of different wacky ways to get from A to B. Here’s some of what we think are the most exciting forms of transport and where to find them!

Reindeer Sled (in Finland)

Reindeer-sledding is the oldest form of transport in the wintery countries of the Northern Hemisphere, and there are still some sledding routes still operating today. Lapland in Finland is one of the best places to visit if you’re wanting to take a ride on ‘Santa’s sleigh’. There are also doggo-sleds powered by huskies in Alaska… need we say any more?

Different forms of transport all over the world and how to use them

Zip Line (in Costa Rica)

Costa Rica is known to have a whole variety of different canopy tours, and the main transport from site to site is via zip-line. Although most of this zip-line use is for the tourist tours, locals have been known to use them, too. The best places to visit will be the national parks and areas such as Monteverde, Manuel Antonia, and Arenal.

Gondolas (in Venice)

If you’re planning a trip to the Italian ‘City of Love’, Venice, then you simply cannot miss out on a romantic trip in a gondola. Hop on board a hand-carved wooden boat and relax while your personal captain steers you through the city’s interwoven waterways.

Tuk-Tuk (in Thailand)

Although tuk-tuks can be found all across the world, Thailand is where they are most famously known, and boy are they fun. Their name derives from the engine sound they make, and they’re quite simply a small two-seater kart with your own personal taxi driver. Cheap and cheerful!

Suspension Railway (in Germany)

Although suspension railways are now found around the world, the Wuppertal Suspension Railway was the first of its kind when it opened way back in 1901. The carriages hang from the tracks above, and many of the stations and tracks are still in use today. On average, the railway accommodates over 25 million passengers every year.

Different forms of transport all over the world and how to use them

Ice Angel (in Wisconsin)

During the winter months of Wisconsin’s Apostle Islands, an ‘ice highway’ is formed on the frozen waters of Lake Superior. This highway consists of routes for ‘ice angel vehicles’ that transport residents and visitors from the mainland to neighboring islands such as Madeline Island.

Bamboo Train (in Cambodia)

Bamboo trains (also known as Norry) are an improvised means of traveling to and from the villages and towns surrounding the Cambodian state of Battambang. They consist of a man-made bamboo platform that’s powered by an electricity generator. Although they are not an official government-run service, locals have used the makeshift transport for decades. This one is only for the faint-hearted!

Do any of these sound exciting to you? If they do, you know exactly where to book your next vacation. Now buckle up. You’re in for a slightly bumpy ride…