Why you should visit Abu Dhabi ASAP

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Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. With a population of just over 1.1 million, the city is incredibly wealthy, dealing in several precious materials including oil. Not only is the city one of wealth but it’s one of beauty too – it’s definitely somewhere you must visit at least once in your lifetime! Here are some of the reasons why:

The Heritage Village

If you’re in Abu Dhabi, it is absolutely imperative that you make a visit to the Heritage Village! It gives tourists a glimpse into traditional Abu Dhabi life before it was all about business and making money. With tropical plants and camels roaming free, ready to be caught for you to ride, the village will actually allow you to feel like you were born and bred in the city, which is a lot of fun.

Why you should visit Abu Dhabi ASAP

Saadiyat Cultural District

If you’re after a cultural trip, there’s nowhere better to visit than the Saadiyat Cultural District, an area of Abu Dhabi that is chock full of museums and galleries, all displaying some of the Middle East’s best works of art! It’s not just the contents of these buildings that will take your breath away either, but the buildings themselves too! One of the galleries has been referred to as “the second Louvre.”

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Why you should visit Abu Dhabi ASAP

The lifestyle

The lifestyle in Abu Dhabi is like nowhere else in the world; it’s all incredibly laid back and relaxed, luxurious and enjoyable! A lot of people travel to Abu Dhabi so that they can experience some of this otherwise unobtainable lifestyle for a couple of weeks or so. Soak up the sun, spend every day on the beach and shop until you drop in the city of wealth and wonder.

Why you should visit Abu Dhabi ASAP


Qasr al-Hosn

The stunning gardens of Qasr al-Hosn are definitely worth visiting if you’re staying in Abu Dhabi. The gardens have lots of beautiful tropical plants and palm trees for you to stroll through, as well as some national archives to visit, some traditional architecture to look at and peacocks strutting around the gardens too.

Why you should visit Abu Dhabi ASAP

It’s beautiful

Above all else, Abu Dhabi is an absolutely beautiful city to visit. The buildings are high-rise, made of glass and in interesting shapes and sizes, there are tropical plants and flowers scattered here, there and everywhere. The beaches are full of soft, white sand and the sea is crystal clear. If you’re looking for somewhere to visit based on beauty alone, then Abu Dhabi is the place for you.