Why you have to visit Alaska

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From the outside looking in, Alaska seems like a pretty barren place. All it has is snow, right? There is much more to Alaska than you might think and these are the reasons why you have to visit the wintery state.


Let’s start with the cold stuff, the ice. The state is estimated to have close to 100,000 glaciers so if you’ve never been lucky enough to witness one with your own eyes then visit Alaska. Glaciers are bodies of ice and snow that seem to be alive as they slowly make their way across the landscape. You can actually hear them moving and carving a path, creating the devastating ice break-offs that can be dangerous if you get too close.

Why you have to visit Alaska

The wildlife

Alaska isn’t plagued with being overpopulated like many places in the world, which means the wildlife that lives there is often on show. It is one of the best places in the world for spotting wildlife, and you can expect to see bald eagles, grizzly bears, wolves, and of course a moose or two. Alaska is the perfect place to bring your camera and get in touch with all things wild and wonderful.

So, when are we going to Alaska?


There aren’t many places on the planet that are both a hark back to times gone by yet still part of the modern world. Alaska has a rich heritage of indigenous people and the people who live there share a long and varied history. Many people rely on age-old survival techniques, while there are several museums and heritage centers that allow you to learn more about life in Alaska. You can see some of the biggest totem poles in the world here, while learning about the state’s storied past through the artworks on exhibit.


The Northern Lights

There is a good chance that you might just catch a glimpse of the world-famous Northern Lights while in Alaska. Thanks to lower light pollution here than the rest of North America, the odds of seeing the lights are increased as the night’s sky is darker here. Staying for a short three or four-day trip should be enough to let you see the Aurora Borealis during the peak season, which is between September and March.

Why you have to visit Alaska

Enjoy a trail in the fall

The fall is the perfect time to explore Alaska by yourself. Temperatures often stay in the 40s and 50s which is the ideal hiking weather for trekking across the Alaskan wilderness. The benefit of hiking across Alaska is you get to enjoy some of the finest scenery in all of North America, and you don’t have to battle the crowds to enjoy it. Head to Denali National Park, or head up several of the mountain treks to get a better view of the state known as The Last Frontier.

Alaska is a wonderfully diverse state that offers so much more to its visitors than just snow and ice. The scenery is amazing, and you can see things here many can only dream of. Just remember to look up at night for the Northern Lights!