The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Think of the East Coast of the USA and you’re more likely to think of freezing cold winters, feet and feet of thick snow, and terrible driving conditions. For sunshine, and your vacation to truly feel like the world’s melting away, you need the West Coast, right? You need Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco… You need beaches and sand… You need warmth.

But what if we were to tell you that your preconceptions about America’s East Coast were wrong? What if we could prove that actually, for the most serene, fabulous, and downright perfect vacation, you really want to head east? Well, take a look at some of the most idyllic vacation spots on the East Coast of the US, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Rehoboth Beach // Delaware

Rehoboth Beach in Delaware is a glorious paradise of golden sand, warm sea, and even waves that make surfing a delight. Perhaps not as instantly glamorous as its Californian cousins, it is nonetheless a true treat for all the senses, and since it isn’t so well known, it’s a lot quieter too. If you love dolphins and want to see them in their natural habitat, this is the place for you. An open beach, a great boardwalk, and plenty of amusements, shops, and restaurants make this a hot spot for a holiday.

The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Martha’s Vineyard // Massachusetts

Martha’s Vineyard is fashionable and chic, and it’s where some high ranking celebs enjoy hanging out. Bill Murray, and Spike Lee are just some of the well-known faces you might spot in the Vineyard if you choose to spend your vacation there. And really, why wouldn’t you? Boutiques, yachts, views that go on for miles, and a feeling of utter relaxation can all be yours.

The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Nags Head // North Carolina

This island destination is where lovers of water sports can go and enjoy themselves with pretty much no restrictions on what they can do. Snorkeling, diving, sailing, shipwreck exploring, dolphin watching, even fishing – it can all be done on Nags Head. But even if you’re not into the water, the serene atmosphere makes this place one of the very best for pure indulgent ‘me’ time.

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The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Cape May // New Jersey

New Jersey? For a vacation? But yes! Cape May feels like a small town with its own natural beach and charming shop, restaurants, and bars. There are craft breweries to tour and taste the finished product, and the same goes for wineries. Hankering for a day trip? A zoo, a lighthouse, plenty of museums, and various places to enjoy water sports are just some of the things you can do here. Or you could just lie on the beach and do nothing. Whatever works for you.

The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Hilton Head // South Carolina

If you’re a couple looking for a romantic East Coast getaway, then look no further than Hilton Head. This little island just off the coast of South Carolina is rich but laid back, so if you are looking for a relaxing time, then visiting is a no brainer. It’s an opulent vacation destination, yes, but it’s worth every penny, especially when you’re sitting on the beach watching the sun go down making incredible memories.  

Harbor with lighthouse on Hilton Head Island
The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Tybee Island // Georgia

Tybee Island is where history buffs and those looking to learn something while they are away from home tend to gravitate. Assuming they know about it, of course. With a rich history all its own, a tradition of exceptional live music, and the freshest fish and seafood, Tybee Island is a hidden gem on the East Coast that just gets better and better.

The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Myrtle Beach // South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is for families, there is no doubt about that. With a whopping 60 mile coastline covered in soft, golden sands, as well as water parks, amusement arcades, live shows, golf, museums, and, of course, some incredible shops, there is something for everyone here. But the really great news is that it won’t cost a fortune to vacation here.

The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Virginia Beach // Virginia

If there is one place you can guarantee to be able to rent a vacation home actually on the beach, it’s at Virginia Beach. Imagine stepping out of your door and stepping straight onto warm, soft sand… Now doesn’t that sound dreamy? But it’s no dream – it could be your reality at Virginia Beach! Apart from the sand and sea, there is a carnival atmosphere to the place, giving it a truly fun vibe.

The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast

Bethany Beach // Delaware

Quaint and civilized are two words that sum up Bethany Beach nicely. Not too loud, not too rowdy, this is the kind of place you can go to take in the tranquillity of the scenery and the beauty of nature. If you don’t enjoy crowds, aren’t into shopping, and just want a great place to relax on vacation, Bethany Beach will work wonders.

The Most Underrated Vacation Spots on the East Coast