The Most Underrated Vacation Spots in America

Everyone goes to America to visit New York, California, Florida or L.A. Are there some places we should be visiting that are forgotten? Yes. Yes there are. Here are the most underrated vacations spots in America.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Think of Nebraska and the image that comes to your mind is probably something to do with raggedy landscapes and lots of hills, perfect for a hiking holiday, right? However, Lincoln is actually what some might call a ‘diamond in the rough’. There is a significant amount for people to do in Lincoln. Why not visit their generous, high-end shopping mall? Take a trip to the exhibit that shows Nebraska’s evolution over the years, or visit one of the buzzing nightclubs for a fun filled evening with friends!


Perdido Key, Florida

Perdido Key is sometimes referred to as “the Lost Key”, due to the fact that it’s often forgotten about by many! It is a tiny hidden gem within the larger city of Pensacola and doesn’t receive much attention from tourists. If you’re into natural beauty, soft sandy beaches and bright blue ocean, it’s Perdido Key that you should be visiting! Wildlife preserves are also in an abundance and paired with the beaches and local parks they take up over half of Perdido Key.



Newport, Rhode Island

It takes a bit of a refined taste to enjoy Newport, Rhode Island to its full. It was one of the Kennedy family’s favorite spots to visit in America! Rich with American history and culture, Newport is filled with many grand manor houses, some of which you can go on tours around and some of which you can just view from the outside. It’s also a favorite sailing spot, making it one of the best places in America to try fresh seafood too!


St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg doesn’t have any similarities to the more popular cities of Miami, but it is a perfect representation of why Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State! It rarely rains in St. Petersburg making it an ideal holiday spot nearly all year round. There are a large number of golden sandy beaches to visit, as well as some more cultural attractions such as the Salvador Dali Museum.

Horizontal view showing the St Petersburg, Florida, USA Yacht Club Marina and the downtown St Petersburg Skyline


Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you’re a surfer, Virginia Beach might just be the place for you! There are miles of incredible coastline and an abundance of huge waves for surfers to ride. Virginia Beach also possesses a beautiful boardwalk that is lined with a wide variety of restaurants, all serving some of the most delicious food the US has to offer! Virginia Beach is also very close to world famous Busch Gardens theme park, which make for an excellent day out. 


Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a breathtaking coastal town rich in culture and filled with a large number of different kinds of attractions, suitable for all of the family. There are impressive buildings and Civil War memorials that date all the way back to as early as the 1600s, making for some great history lessons for the kids, or just some great photo opportunities for yourself! However, there are some more modern attractions to enjoy too, including a golf resort, several art galleries filled with both modern and classic art collections and, of course, the beach.


Tunica, Mississippi 

Tunica has often been referred to as the “Vegas of the South” due to the fact that the city has nine casinos and an incredibly fun and lively nightlife! There’s plenty to do during the day too, from playing golf at one of the many fancy resorts to visiting one of the famous blues clubs for lunch before heading to a glamorous nightclub for the evening! Due to the fact people often forget about Tunica, it isn’t overrun with rowdy tourists the way Las Vegas is, making for a far more pleasurable visit.