Top ice cream places to get your ice cream fix

There’s nothing we love more than ice cream – and no matter what people say, ice cream is not just for hot weather! Ice cream can save every single day and make even the saddest person happy (alright, don’t quote us on that). But in this day and age, there are so many ice cream options we don’t know where to begin, not that we’re complaining, so here’s the low-down on the 5 best ice cream places to get your ice cream fix.

Heladeria Coromoto, Venezuela

When it comes to ice cream, you either go hard or go home. Who just has one scoop anymore? And Heladeria Coromoto in Venezuela knows exactly what’s up. This incredible ice cream parlor currently holds the most amazing world record in the world – the most number of flavors served by one singular ice cream. And this place offers 863. Yep, 863 flavors of ice cream. Some of them are incredible, and others are definitely an acquired taste – including the trout flavor and the ham and cheese flavor!

Tichy, Austria

If you ever find yourself in the small back streets of Vienna, you just have to try Tichy. This 1950s style retro diner doesn’t look like your average ice cream parlor – but that’s probably because it isn’t your average ice cream parlor. This place is well-known across the world for its ice cream dumplings, as well as its ice cream spaghetti. So if you’re looking for your average cone scoop, this isn’t for you. Tichy is all about ice cream innovation, and they are always making up new concoctions for their brave customers.

Messina, Sydney

You always know if the ice cream is good if people are queueing up at all hours of the day to get some. And there are queues every single day outside the 11 Messina stores in Australia (and one in Las Vegas). Although this chain has only been open since 2002, they have come on leaps and bounds, offering their customers some of the best ice cream in Australia and the world. All of their ice cream is super yummy and made even better by their whimsical names and concoctions.

I Tim Pad, Thailand

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’ll know that they don’t do ice cream like the rest of us. Instead of making a gelato style ice cream, these guys make their ice cream on the street right in front of your eyes, in minutes! I Tim Pad is the process of freezing milk on a – 30-degree cold plate, and that mixture is then mixed with the ingredients of your choice – whether that be strawberries, bananas or other fruit, or sweets and chocolate. The mixture is then chopped and scraped across the plate to create the frozen consistency and curled into little roulades in a cute little paper cup.

Gelato University, Bologna

What could be better than eating ice cream made by people who are studying the art and perfection of ice cream? Answer: nothing. At the Gelato University in Bologna, people actually pay thousands of dollars to learn the art of gelato. Although this might not be for you, you can still sample the goods. After the chefs have made the gelato, it then goes up for sale so you can have a taste! And we can guarantee it will be pretty darn amazing.