Top 5 places to travel to in 2019

We all need a vacation from time to time. When the stress of work and home life becomes too much, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a step back and recharge our batteries. Without that break, we can’t hope to be on the ball when it comes to our jobs, but where do we go to? So many places around the world are worth visiting, but which deserve our attention the most in 2019?


If you want to explore coral reefs, you don’t just have to visit Australia. Belize is home to the second-largest of these in the world, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the natural wonders there. Filled with underwater caves and a variety of aquatic life, the waters here will blow your mind. The area is still on the up, meaning you can vacation there now without having to share it with hundreds of other people. It won’t be quiet for long!

Top 5 places to travel to in 2019

Sri Lanka

There’s pretty much something for everyone over in Sri Lanka. From thrill seekers to eco-tourists, you’d be hard-pressed not to find something to do there. With a rich blend of religions and cultures that each offer their own intriguing experiences, every day will come with a wealth of discoveries. Plus, more parts of the country are accessible now than they’ve ever been, meaning you’ll never run out of places to explore.


At the border between North and South America sits Panama, a small stretch of land that sees nature at its best. If you love relaxing on white-sand beaches and soaking up the sun, this is the place for you. It might not be the most popular tourist destination, but that’s all the more reason to visit. Fewer crowds mean more of the area for you to enjoy with friends and family. Plus, in August, they’ll be having the party to end all parties as they celebrate 500 years as a nation.


Made up of over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the place to go if you love exploring. You probably won’t be able to visit everywhere during your vacation, but you can certainly fill your schedule with plenty of different sights. With transport links between the islands improving by the day, it’s never been easier to get from one place to the other. Plus, you’ll be able to fill a few photo albums with all the snaps you’ll want to take here.

Top 5 places to travel to in 2019


Germany’s worth a visit in 2019 because the country is celebrating 100 years since the establishment of the Bauhaus. Although the school was closed in the ‘30s due to the political strife, the influential work that was done there is still remembered to this day. To commemorate the centenary, tons of events are planned throughout the year, including art exhibitions and museum openings. You’re sure to encounter something special during your visit.

Found some inspiration for where you want to travel to next? Why not make 2019 the best year yet by visiting somewhere you’ve never been before. Who knows, it might change your life forever!