Medellín, Colombia is a hidden gem of a destination you will adore

While every destination is unique in some way, there are some that are less popular than others for a whole variety of reasons. However, there are some destinations that are completely underrated, and Medellín is one of them. Here is why Medellín should be in your wishlist of places to visit.

Medellín, Colombia

A Colombian valley

Colombia, in general, has many underrated areas, but Medellín is one of the most notable. Medellín sits in the center of the Aburrá Valley and is the second largest Colombian city. By being in one of the most central areas of the Andes mountains, you can see them surrounding the city in all their splendor. For many avid travelers, it’s all about the surrounding landscapes, and for others, it’s about cityscapes. Well, in Medellín, you have it all. There is a plethora of lush greenery surrounding the city, and the city itself offers some beautiful artistry. Medellín used to suffer as tourists avoided the area due to gang-related activity, thankfully the crime rates have significantly decreased, making it much safer for those wishing to visit.

The locals are friendly

It is part of the local culture to be hospitable, which means that any tourists and people passing through, will be treated with the utmost respect and warmth. Obviously, everyone is different, and people practice culture differently, but on the whole, it should be an inviting area to visit.

The unique architecture

Their situation in the world means they have a particular kind of culture that they even have a name for, it’s called ‘paisa’ culture, and it means something very specific. ‘Paisa’ culture is a very particular style where Spanish and southern American styles have come together to create this ingeniously cool looking architecture. It’s unlike anything you could have imagined, but it works really well. As well as being a fantastic blend of cultures, there is also some tremendous authentic Colombian cuisine to be discovered.

The weather is amazing

Possibly one of the most significant selling points of any place is what the weather’s like… Well the weather in Medellín has been classed as having the perfect temperature. The best part of that is it is all year round! So no matter what time of year you go, you’re in store for some uplifting sunshine. Obviously, it has to rain sometime, and most of their rainfall is during the months of April, May, and November. It has been dubbed the city of flowers because every day feels like spring.

Medellín, Colombia


Medellín also has so much to offer in the way of attractions, this includes their famous botanical gardens, exhibiting beautiful lush greenery. They also have an outstanding aquarium that features some fantastic freshwater fishes you won’t easily see anywhere else. These are some of the world’s most exotic fish from the Amazon river, so they’re well worth the time to go visit.

Medellín is Colombia’s best-kept secret and is truly an enjoyable experience to be had. It is jam-packed with city-life with plenty of places to see and tour around. There is so much to discover if you have the time.