Little known world-heritage sites to visit

Almost everyone has a list of places they want to visit, right?! It’s no secret that wanderlust has been catching on for years and for a good many reasons. People are curious about more than just their hometown; they want to see things they never thought they could and step back in time, musing at the historical monuments that stand with centuries of stories behind them. It’s easy to imagine falling in love with traveling, but for some people, the allure isn’t in the famous sites; it’s in the unbeaten track. Things that not everyone with a burgeoning purse and deep pockets could go explore. Some places are harder to get to, and some places aren’t widely known, however, here are some little known world-heritage sites you can go visit.

Historic City of Trogir, Croatia

The city of Trogir is ancient and has a historically preserved feeling of Greek and Roman rule. The layout of the town has been maintained, even if most of the domestic buildings aren’t the same. However, the most exciting part is the center of the city, which has an abundance of incredible historic buildings and a myriad of external influences. This is a UNESCO world heritage site, and with good reason; you’ll think you have stepped back in time walking through these streets. This city has existed and stood since the Hellenistic period, which comes before the Romans around 323 BCE and ends when the Romans had conquered everything that remembered that period of time. The city features a 13th-century palace, and cathedral, as well as a variety of 15th-century buildings and fortresses. Not to mention you’re right by the coast in this beautiful city, often dwarfed by the neighboring city of Split.

Trogir, Croatia

The Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica, Poland

These are the largest timber-framed buildings in Europe with some of the most intricate designs within them. A picture would take your breath away, let alone sitting within the walls of a seventeenth-century church, still looking beautiful and spectacular. These churches were built for Protestant worshippers living within a Catholic monarchy, and the history behind this is truly magnificent.

Episcopal City of Albi, France

You don’t have to be an architecture historian to appreciate the beauty this place has to offer. The thirteenth century saw this city become powerful; it was built around the tenth and eleventh century and has stood proud since. The city of Albi has four medieval districts; the Castelviel, the Castelnau, Saint-Salvi, and the coombs and banks of Tarn. It also has an impressive medieval palace and churches that stand high above the city, alongside some of the most ornate and oldest bridges in France.

Albi, France

The Great Rift Valley, Kenya

The Great Rift Valley is home to some exotic species such as lions, giraffes, flamingos, and so on. This place is more of a geographical amazement, as part of a ridge system that includes a chain of volcanoes and breathtaking lakes. To see it all would be to go on one of the most impressive safaris in your life as you’ll see so many remarkable natural wonders such as watching the flamingos in their natural habitat. It wouldn’t be an easy or a safe journey so you would need to take extra care and hire the right kind of guide.

There are many hidden gems in the world; you just need to know where to look.