Why Jamaica Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

Jamaica is an island paradise and one of the hottest vacation destinations in the World. Mainly known for being the birthplace of Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, you’ll find the island to be defined by much more than just two of its most famous citizens. Here’re a few compelling reasons you’ll want to think about Jamaica for this year’s family vacation.

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot

When I said in the introduction that Jamaica is one of the hottest vacation destinations in the World, it was meant literally. Don’t fret, though, Jamaica is an island, and you’ll feel the cool sea breeze drifting through the towns and resorts you’ll likely be staying in.

It’s important to note, though, make sure the family stays hydrated. Dehydration is a huge risk to your health if you ignore it. You’re going to be sweating a whole lot more due to the heat too, so don’t think you can drink the same amount of water as back home and be fine. Keep a few travel bottles of water handy.


See? Food!

Jamaica is widely regarded as the home of Caribbean food. What does that mean exactly? It means flavor of the tropical variety. You’ll find a mix of spices through the cuisine that’ll give your taste buds a real workout. Of course, you’ll be able to take advantage of the local fishing industry with the freshest seafood you’ve had in your life. Not much of a shellfish person? Not to worry, you’ll find plenty of chicken dishes as wild game hens are a cottage industry on the island.

This may be the perfect time to introduce the kids to new types of food, too. I’m sure there’s at least one fussy eater amongst your family, but a vacation might be the perfect time to encourage them to try something new. They’ll certainly be tempted, Caribbean food is colorful and enticingly presented.

Life’s A Beach

If you live in a mostly landlocked area like most of us do, the beaches in Jamaica are going to hold much novelty for the duration of your stay. The kids will be begging to build sandcastles while you and your partner enjoy a cocktail in the shade. The beaches are so incredibly picturesque too, with golden sands and clear aquamarine waters.

You might wonder how busy these beaches can get, and you’d be right to assume that they can get pretty packed in some spots. The good thing about Jamaica’s coastline, though? It just keeps going and going. There’s a beach literally called Seven Miles Beach, and it’s spectacular the whole way. If you want a bit more seclusion, keep walking until you find it.


Under The Sea

The ocean life in Jamaica is pretty spectacular. You can easily fill a few days with activities for the whole family taking a look at the diverse nature the island provides. One day you could go out on a group sailing trip out into the ocean. The next you could be snorkeling in the coral reefs amongst shoals of colorful tropical fish. It’s highly advised you pick up a disposable underwater camera or two before you make the trip over.

All-Inclusive Deals

Jamaica has built its tourist industry around the sheer amount of resorts it has on its coastline. Quality may vary from resort to resort, but the vast majority are well run and have great connections with travel agents worldwide. An all-inclusive deal is perfect for the family, you have to do the minimal amount of research while booking, and when you’re there, you can just relax and order whatever food or drink you need without having to give it much thought, or an extra charge.

Running around all day exploring the island with your family is tiresome, and by the end of the day all you’re going to want to do is sit down and enjoy the sunset. Just sit back and order what you like, and wait. You’ll be sipping cocktails from a coconut without a care in the World in no time at all.


Shop ‘Til You Drop

I bet you didn’t expect Jamaica to have much of a shopping scene, did you? Like almost any other vacation hotspot, you’re going to find all the worldwide chain store you’ll find anywhere else, but you didn’t go on holiday to buy what you could at home.

You’ll find boutique after boutique if you search off the beaten path. Handmade ornaments and jewelery are the standard fare, but sometimes you’ll find something a little more extravagant like a carved sculpture made from driftwood. If you’re looking to take just one memento home, make sure you search these obscure little stores before you make your mind up. Word to the wise, though, don’t drag the kids around shopping all day. They may get more than a little cranky.