Historical places to visit in Philadelphia

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Ever thought about taking a trip to Philadelphia? If you’re a fan of history then you’ll find a lot there to interest you. The Pennsylvanian city is home to plenty of iconic landmarks that will keep you busy on a mini-break, and they’re all relatively close together. You can make your way around them in a matter of hours, and still have plenty of time after to enjoy a spot of dinner along the Delaware River.

Carpenters’ Hall

During history classes, there’s a good chance you were taught about how America came to be independent. In those lessons, were you told about Carpenters’ Hall? The iconic Philadelphia building played an important part in America’s move towards independence. A vote was passed here that resulted in the first movement of opposition against England. It would be another two years until the Declaration of Independence got signed, but the actions at Carpenters’ Hall set everything into motion.

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The Betsy Ross House

The American flag is a symbol of pride for the people of this country, and we have Betsy Ross to thank for its initial design. Well, at least that’s what we thought. It’s up for debate whether or not the woman was responsible for influencing the flag, although there’s no denying she was an important figure in history. She was around at a time of great change in America, and a trip to Philadelphia gives you the opportunity to see where she lived. It will soon become clear that the life of this iconic woman was not a glamorous one.

Historical places to visit in Philadelphia

The Liberty Bell Center

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important things to have ever been written, and it’s essentially what makes America the country it is. When the members of Congress signed the document, the Liberty Bell up on Independence Mall was responsible for alerting the public that everything was about to change. The chimes of the bell informed people that America would not be controlled by Great Britain anymore, and signaled the beginning of the United States.


Museum of the American Revolution

You can’t take a trip to Philadelphia’s historic district and not stop off at a proper museum. There’s only so much you can learn about America’s history while you’re in school, so the Museum of the American Revolution can update you on the stuff you might have missed. With exhibitions and antiques from the country’s most significant period of civil unrest, you’ll leave with a greater appreciation for what your ancestors went through several centuries ago.

Historical places to visit in Philadelphia

Independence Hall

You’re doing Philadelphia wrong if you visit all these places associated with the Declaration of Independence and don’t go to the site where the document was signed. Located on Chestnut Street, you can see where all those great men brought America into a new age and rescued us from British rule. It’s the best place to end your historical tour of the Pennsylvanian city.

Anyone that isn’t familiar with the history of America’s independence would do well to take a trip to Philadelphia. The city will educate you in the best way possible.