Hiking in Santorini

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If you fancy venturing to the Mediterranean, we would certainly recommend checking out the amazing island of Santorini, lying just southeast of mainland Greece. This is a million miles away from many of the dilapidated houses and dusty roads of the mainland. Santorini is the Greece of the Old World. The Greece of myth and legend. The land time forgot, and it has a spellbinding impact on travelers.

We defy you to visit Santorini without vowing to come back and stay again and again. This is the place to come if you want to be far from the madding crowds, and enjoy some of the greatest natural beauty of anywhere else on Earth. Many people think of Santorini as a beach destination, and it is wonderful at that, but you mustn’t limit yourself. There is so much to experience here without having to think about beaches – hiking is a personal favorite. To see the real Santorini, head for the rolling foothills of the island, and enjoy a stunning hike.

Hiking in Santorini

Check out Oia

High above the rolling cliffs, sandy shores, and the tranquil blue ocean of the Mediterranean is the charming village of Oia. This is one of the places you can hike through during your stroll in Santorini, and it’s what makes the hike such a must! The clifftop village is draped in a blanket of pearly white villas stretching as far as the eye can see and facing the fizzing, foaming Aegean Sea. Getting your hike off to the perfect start is crucial, and we think Oia is the best way of doing this; it gives you a wonderful taster of what’s to come, and showcase the heartbreaking beauty of this sensational island.

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Walking routes

For the longest time, many people viewed the principal appeal of Santorini as being the golden sandy beaches – and these are breathtaking. But, in recent years people have begun to wise up and understand that the stunning views from its craggy clifftops are bringing out-of-towners flocking. In fact, even tour companies are promoting walking adventures in Santorini, and there are 12 stunning walking routes you can take on the island, the longest being 8-miles in length. Many of the hotels on the island also offer maps of the different trails so guests can really get the perfect feel for what this stunning place has to offer.

Blue domed church

We definitely advise you to charge your camera before setting out on the hike and make sure you’ve got space for plenty of photos. There are plenty of photo opportunities along the way, but, the true treasure of this hike is the blue domed church. When you pass through Oia, you will catch sight of this stunning church, an enduring symbol of Santorini that simply has to be captured on film! You can almost hear the wedding bells ringing in your ears as you lay eyes on this stunning building.



While you’re in Santorini, you definitely need to try to go to the amazing settlement of Akrotiri. This Minoan Bronze Age settlement was destroyed during the volcanic eruption on the island, around 1627 BC. The ruins are a popular tourist site and a wonderful glimpse at the archaeological history of Santorini. You won’t be able to get there on the traditional hiking route, but it is well worth a visit, and you should be able to take a detour to see it during your hike.

Hiking in Santorini

The magic and mystery of the Mediterranean is waiting to be uncovered, and Santorini is the tool you will use to make this discovery. There are so many wonderful islands in Greece, but this has got to be the most appealing. And hiking is the ultimate way to explore the island and get to know all its wonderful secrets. Santorini is calling you, what are you waiting for!