Why Florida Should Be Your Next Family Vacation

The sunshine state, home to Disney World and many other incredible attractions, Florida should definitely be on the top of your ‘to visit’ list! Perfect for solo traveling and couples, it might surprise you to know that Florida is also the perfect place to vacate to with your whole family (including grandma and grandpa). Here are the most important places you need to check out in your next vacay.

Theme Parks

Starting with the obvious, Florida boasts the incredible range of parks based in Orlando, including Disney World, the Universal Studios, Sea World, the Kennedy Space Centre and Busch Gardens. Just reading that list alone should exhaust you, but it goes without saying that there is enough in Orlando alone to keep an entire family busy for a good week or so – and there’s definitely something that will appeal to everyone across all of the major parks. It doesn’t just have to be enjoyed by kids! Disney World and the Universal Studios both include rides for people of a variety of ages – little kids can enjoy some of the tamer rides while adults can take a bit more of a walk on the wild side if they choose! Busch Gardens combines some theme park style rides with zoo exhibits; mixing thrills with animals has never been so attractive, and children and adults alike are guaranteed to have the best time of their lives here.


If you’re all about those lazy beach days, soaking up the sun and not doing much else, there’s plenty of beaches to choose from at the Florida Keys. The beaches are perfect for families because there’s the chance to relax and lounge around in the sun with some cold beverages and a picnic. There’s also parts of the Keys where you can participate in some more exciting activities, such as swimming with dolphins, a wide variety of water sports and even helicopter rides. If you fancy a break from thrill seeking in the Orlando parks while the kids are demanding yet more hours of endless fun, The Keys is a great spot to go.
Additional beaches include Sanibel, Siesta Key, Atlantic Beach, Clearwater, Palm Beach and Key West, so there really is plenty to choose from. Each beach is totally unique and has its own experience to offer to tourists. One thing they all have in common though is the soft white sand and the crystal clear waters that you just won’t find anywhere else. The beaches really are beautiful.

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For those who love animals and wildlife and have had their fill of Busch Gardens, the Everglades makes for a brilliant visit and provides an experience that is a little bit different from your bog standard zoo. It’s a real hidden gem that is often forgotten about by travelers to the Sunshine state. Have an explore around the Everglades by boat and marvel at the wild flora and fauna that covers most of the surrounding area. Watch in wonder at the American crocodiles snapping at you as you splash past, gaze at the lazy manatees lazing in the cold waters and whip out your binoculars to try and catch a glimpse of the rarely spotted Florida Panther! The Everglades isn’t just a spot of fun on a holiday; it can also be highly educational too.