Explore the Ryukyu Islands in Japan

Japan is such a magical country, with so much beauty and diversity on offer. If you’ve never been then now is the perfect time to jet off and explore the Land of the Rising Sun. Now, there are so many wonderful areas of Japan that you could choose to visit. There’s Tokyo, the capital, but this might get a little crowded for your taste. Fear not, there is also plenty to do out of the city.

For those who are seeking a less stressful and arduous time of things, we definitely recommend checking out the Ryukyu Islands. This is a chain of Japanese islands that stretches from Kyushu to Taiwan, with Okinawa being the largest and best known of these islands. We bet you didn’t know Japan had so many islands, right?! If you’re looking to explore the beautiful Ryukyu Islands here is some info you will need to know before you go.

Get out and see the sights as soon as you can

There is a lot of beauty to take in when you visit the Ryukyu Islands, and it would be a good idea to try to get out and about as soon as possible. The best thing to do would be to head for Okinawa, the largest and most interesting of the islands. In Naha, the capital, you can find the ancient Shuri Castle, one of the most breathtaking citadels in the world. This is where the Ryukyu kings ruled for more than 500 years. And, you can see from the design and architecture, just how much this sort of era had an impact on Japanese culture.

Mother Nature

There are so many wonderful places to get out and about and experience nature here. You could check out Amami, another of the amazing islands that make up the Ryukyu and go on a hike. There is a host of incredible creatures and wonderful opportunities for exploring and seeing wildlife. You can get a personal tour guide to go with you, and, try to make sure you head for the Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest. This is a truly unique and awe-inspiring experience and one you will never forget.

Take a cruise

You could even consider exploring the Ryukyu Islands by way of taking a cruise. That way you will be able to spend a bit of time at each of the islands, without having to worry about travel or accommodation. This is a great way of exploring and experiencing everything the islands have to offer. Sure, it might be a more expensive way of doing it, but, it also means that you will get the full Ryukyu experience, so it’s certainly something to consider.

Why go?

Good question, and the answer is simple. The Ryukyu Islands are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s like enjoying a tropical paradise, that also has the proud feudal history of Japan behind it. There is also so much to experience in terms of diet and culture – karate was invented here! You’ll even encounter buffalo as well during your travels. There is so much diversity that it’s hard to ignore these amazing islands.

Make sure you book your flight, or preferably your cruise, to the Ryukyu Islands as soon as you can. Head to Okinawa and enjoy Japanese culture and custom, with a difference. If you want to enjoy something a little different for your next vacation, this is the place to be.