Cities worth traveling to more than just once

There are so many beautiful and interesting places to visit around the world that the choices are almost limitless, from cities oozing with culture and history to buzzing ones that never sleep. You might travel to a place that leaves you feeling like, “Been there, done that, where to next,” but you might encounter a place that you connect to so much that it draws you back again and again, and every time you go, you discover something new. There are definitely cities that have a tendency to do that to you. That second or third visit will give you the opportunity to see more, explore more and get the full experience.

Cities worth traveling to more than just once


Paris, Paris, the city of love! There is just so much to see and explore that you’ll need multiple visits to truly get to experience everything it has to offer. From the iconic Eiffel Tower, to a boat cruise along the River Thames, to eating as much bread, cheese, and pastries as you can handle, you can never tire of this marvelous city. There’s a new hidden gem to discover everywhere you turn. So say ‘oui’ to falling in love with Paris time and time again.

Los Angeles

The City of Angels, what an appropriate name! Being in L.A. is heaven, as you’re surrounded by the beauty of its beaches and hills, and let’s not forget its glamour. Being the biggest city in California, it is most certainly worth exploring more and more as it’s so big that one trip there will never suffice. Its Mediterranean climate and cultural diversity create an inviting atmosphere, which you can’t get enough of. Hollywood, Universal Studios, Disneyland, theatres, and restaurants… So much to do, so little time.

Tel Aviv

Say shalom to Israel’s most vibrant city, which seems to never sleep. With its eccentric and diverse markets, mouth-watering hummus bars, exquisite Mediterranean beaches, and explosive nightlife, Tel Aviv will keep you entertained until you drop. What’s more, it will keep you coming back for more. The fact that the New York Times has labeled it as the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ should tell you just how spectacular this city is. So don’t miss out, get there, once, twice, three times, just get there!

Cities worth traveling to more than just once

Buenos Aires

“Don’t cry for me Argentina!’ will be the words you utter if you don’t do yourself the favor of exploring this city multiple times. This city will grab hold of you and you won’t want to let go, as it’s so rich in culture and so alive. Your taste buds will experience food like no other, as they’re known for the best beef in the world. Sip on a glass of Malbec with a scrumptious empanada. Enjoy a café con leche in any one of the endless cafes as you take a break from your adventures. Visit the many museums, theatres, plazas, nightclubs, shopping malls, and markets it has to offer. The list of what to do and places to see is never-ending. Buenos Aires will definitely keep you coming back for more.

Having the opportunity to travel is in itself an absolute privilege and should be embraced with both arms. While visiting a place to tick it off your bucket list is wonderful, sometimes one visit is not quite enough to see everything it has to offer. So be sure to do a double-take on these cities to fully appreciate their beauty.