Best places in the world for surfing

If you’re a keen surfer, you’ll know that there’s so much more to surfing than simply taking your board down to the beach and hoping to catch a few waves (although we wish it were that simple). Instead, everything about your surfing location has to weigh up – the wind has to be just right, the tide has to be at the right position, and the swell has to be in the right direction. It’s not easy, you know! Some of the best surfers travel the world trying to find the perfect surfing spot – and here are just a few of the best:

Superbank – Gold Coast, Australia

There’s a reason Superbank is called ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ – and that’s because this area has 70 km of glorious beaches and serious swell for surfers to enjoy. Superbank has often been dubbed one of the best point breaks in the world and will give you a solid wall and circular tubes for you to rock. Many professional surfers travel to the Gold Coast to practice their craft, and thousands of amateurs follow in their footsteps each year. Not only is the surf incredible here, but the whole area is a major surfing hotspot, so you can hang out with other surfers, hang out in surfing lodges and live the full surf life.

Bundoran Beach – County Donegal, Ireland

Most people exclude Europe from their surfing list, as they believe there’s nothing there for them. Oh, how wrong they are! If you don’t mind the cold, County Donegal offers one of the best European destinations for surfing – Bundoran Beach. On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the already tough waves pound against the rocky reef of the beach to create the perfect swell for surfers. On average, the waves here will reach around ten-foot – if you think you can handle it. Just remember your wetsuit!

Costa Rica

Yep, the whole of Costa Rica is a surfing haven! If you’re more of a hardcore surfer, Costa Rica will have everything you could possibly need from a surfing destination – mainly because you can go any time of the year, and the waves will still be rolling in. However, the best time to visit Costa Rica is between April and October, when the waves at Playa Naranjo and Potrero are at their biggest and can produce around 30-meter waves. You don’t get much better than that.

Cloud Nine – Siargao Island, Philippines

If you’re looking to really push yourself, the Cloud Nine break at Siargao Island in the Philippines is bound to get your blood pumping. This break is not suitable for beginners, as the reef produces powerful breaks and crashes that could prove fatal for the untrained surfer. Because of the epic swell, you can really catch a great wave here, and it’s the perfect location, too! This area is like a tropical paradise and is a great hotspot for hardcore surfers. So catch a few waves, and catch up with some likeminded people on the beach afterward.

Supertubes – Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay is one of the most famous surfing hotspots in the world, and is where Billabong often hold their annual surfing championship – which means the waves must be good! There are so many breaks in this area, including Magna Tubes, Point, Kitchen Windows, Boneyards, Albatross and the most immense of them all – Supertubes. Even if you’re not prepared to ride them yourself, you just have to see a Supertube in action. Jeffrey’s Bay is perfect for surfers of all levels, which makes it incredibly popular and pretty busy all year round!

If you’re a keen surfer, you just have to try out these surfing destinations!