The best places to go ice skating in America

When the holiday season arrives, people all over the country take to the ice in full force, as the best time to go ice skating begins. Ice skating is an activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages all over the world, and it doesn’t matter if the ground is covered in crisp white snow or if a blazing sun is burning in the sky. So where are the best places to go ice skating in America? We will try to point you in the right direction to have a fun filled ice skating experience.

Missouri – Kansas Ice Terrace

In Kansas City, Missouri, you will find the Crown Center Ice Terrace, where many locals gather to enjoy the festive season on the ice. It has quite a history – people have been skating here for more than forty years. The Ice Terrace is all decked out for Christmas, with a 100-foot tree, 6,000 white lights, and more than 1,000 Christmas ornaments. Ice skating can be enjoyed right up until March 11th.

Jackson, Wyoming – Snake River Sporting Club

Ice time at Snake River, which has quite an exotic ring about it, has a fun, North Pole winter feel about it. The view is incredible, with the snowy peaks of the Teton mountain range close by and an abundance of skiers flying about on skies. It’s like a scene from a festive Christmas postcard, and a paradise for skaters. Behind the Snake River Clubhouse, you will find the ice rink surrounded by the forest and mountains. This location feels so peaceful and so close to nature. The air is crisp, which really helps skaters get in the spirit of this special time of year.

Rockford, Illinois – Eclipse Lagoon

Rockford’s Eclipse Lagoon is another location set in nature that is really hard to beat. Imagine all the best features of a frozen lagoon at the beautiful Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens. Obviously, with a natural environment, quality ice time is determined by the weather conditions, but January is normally a good time to visit the Eclipse Lagoon.

Colorado Springs, Colorado – The Broadmoor World Arena Ice Hall

The exceptional point about Broadmoor is that it’s an Olympic training ice rink, and has been for many years. This is where you can really strut your stuff in the same place where champions practiced their moves. In fact, there is only one other place like Broadmoor in the whole United States. You will have to pay special attention to when you book your time on the ice, as the rink is mainly used for training.

Jackson, New Hampshire – Nestlenook Farms

This is another location with a real winter wonderland feel about it. The views are reminiscent of those Christmas card themes, and there is a kind of fairy tale atmosphere about the place. It’s natural and you get to skate under decorated bridges as you make your way around the frozen pond. Other seasonal treats available here include campfires, hot drinks, and sleigh rides.

If you are looking for some quality ice time, in idyllic conditions, these five locations might just be perfect for you.