The best motels in the US

What does the word motel make you think of? Now, it looks as though there could be a whole new meaning to the accommodation as the best motels in the US have taken things to a new level. That’s right; we can have our luxury room and afford it, too.

The Astro, California

This motel once had a reputation that many would want to shake. That was until it was renovated and brought back to life by Liza Hinman. The chef employed local artists to help diversify the interior while the LED rocket sign at the front still stands proud. There are 34 rooms that all help to bring the past back to life as each one has been given a fully retro makeover. To top it off, everything you see in The Astro is also for sale.

The Astro

Tourists, Mֳassachusetts

Tourists was reopened in 2018 after extensive renovations. Now, guests at this motel can stay in style after a long day exploring the local area – including the hiking on offer. The motel is surrounded by a river as well as outdoor art installations, a yoga pavilion, and a pool. Tourists aims to get its guests into the communal areas as there are often many events held in the space with food and drink being served all day long, too.

The Drifter, Louisiana

This motel still has the traditional flashing neon sign at the entrance to it all as visitors arrive to find small yet simple rooms. Although the rooms are filled with white linen and concrete, the magic is on the outside as The Drifter is designed to look as retro as possible. DJs and inflatables arrive every weekend for their epic pool parties while the no-kid rule means the adults get to have all the fun instead.

Lincolnville Motel, Maine

Thes cottages were once in need of some love. Thankfully, Alice Amory saw their potential and spent many months renovating the cabins to give them a whole new lease of life. Gone are the fake woods and yellow carpet as they have been replaced with illuminated globes and photographs instead. There’s also a selection of records and books that can be borrowed from the common area as each room has a record player rather than a TV.

Lincolnville Motel

Amigo Motor Lodge, Colorado

Kaitlyn Canfield and Philip Sterling always dreamed of opening a motel. Finally, they made their dreams come true in 2016. The Amigo Motor Lodge is surrounded up all things outdoors as the white-water rapids, hot springs, ski sites, and mountain trails give guests plenty to see and do. As if that wasn’t enough, this motel also has three renovated Airstreams for guests looking for a more unique stay.

Austin Motel, Texas

The Austin Motel is filled with all things retro as the vinyl-platform beds and music posters help to prove. That’s not all. The rooms are also kitted with push-button phones as well as wallpaper and decor that matches the theme. There is a daily breakfast taco as well as all-day dining thanks to the Tex-Mex diner found onsight while the flashing sign helps to welcome in people passing by.

Motels have always been designed for people on the road. Why does that mean we have to forgo luxury? Thankfully, the best motels in the US give us plenty to enjoy and explore as we travel the nation.