The best destinations to elope

Have you had enough of planning your wedding? Maybe you want your big day to be about nothing other than the two of you saying your vows and becoming one? If that’s the case then have no fear; there are plenty of incredible destinations to elope.

Gretna Green, Scotland

This was once a popular place for British citizens to marry as it’s just across the border, and there were much more relaxed wedding laws. Now, many people love the idea that couples would flee to Gretna Green merely to express their love. Not much has changed as people only need two birth certificates, one fee, and a form before they can tie the knot.

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Hawaii sure is a destination wedding if ever we pictured one. If you want to enjoy the sun and the sea while saying your vows, then it could be time to elope to the magical islands. Believe it or not, but there are even elopement packages for couples as all you need are two forms of ID, a form, and your license fees.

South Africa

Some of us dream about destination weddings. What about one that lets you head out on a safari once you have enjoyed your ceremony? South Africa could be the ultimate location. No one needs to be a resident of South Africa to obtain a license, and there are so many incredible places to hold the wedding across the country that it might not be long before you’re the envy of your friends.


Yes, getting your marriage license in Florida really is as easy as showing photo ID and paying a fee. Now, couples have the freedom to marry wherever they like across The Sunshine State as long as they can wait 72 hours. We’re sure there is plenty to do in the meantime, Disneyworld, anyone?


If you can’t wait to marry your partner and you still want a destination wedding, then why not book a flight to Barbados? It takes a fee and some ID to get your marriage license. The best bit? Barbados is great for people wanting a vintage wedding as the wedding certificates look just like they did back in the 1800s.

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Las Vegas

Of course, there is something about a Vegas wedding that pulls many of us to the city. Elvis as the registrar and the idea of a heat-of-the-moment marriage can see many of us say “I do” under the flashing lights of the city. In fact, it’s believed that more than 300 weddings take place each day. All you need to do is take your passport to get a marriage license, and you’re good to go.

The Bahamas

It takes just 24 hours of being in The Bahamas for anyone to get their marriage license. If you’re on a cruise and still want to tie the knot, then you merely need to prove that your ship has been in the waters for the last day. It’s the perfect beach wedding teamed with the chance to elope with the one that you love all rolled into one.

There are many great reasons to elope with your partner. If you want to have a great backdrop to your sudden ceremony, then be sure to check out the best destinations to elope to make sure you have everything you need for your big day.