Most beautiful locations where TV shows were filmed

How often have you wished you were a part of your favorite TV show? While landing a role on the series might not be easy, there is a way you can get involved without busting out your acting chops. Although a lot of these shows are filmed on sets, some of their scenes are based in real-world locations that are easy to visit. Time to break out the passport and get ready for a vacation.

Dark Hedges (Game of Thrones)

It’s amazing that anyone’s still alive in Game of Thrones. With the way the body count racks up in that show, we thought they’d have all taken each other out by now. Nevertheless, there are still some characters left, and they continue to be popular with millions of fans around the world. Luckily, even though the show itself is so dark and destructive, the places where it’s filmed are actually surprisingly beautiful. Take Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland, for instance. It might be known as the terrifying Kingsroad in Game of Thrones, but in reality, it’s a nice place for a serene, scenic stroll. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself.

Pasadena City Hall (Parks and Recreation)

We’re not that used to seeing the outside of Pasadena City Hall on Parks and Recreation, but the few glimpses we get are definitely worth it. Despite being a government building, it’s beautifully crafted and a real wonder to see up close. In the series, it famously acts as Pawnee City Hall where Leslie Knope and the rest of her eccentric colleagues regularly spend their time. While the interior might have been a set, the outside was 100% authentic.

Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey)

Downton Abbey might have appealed to the hardcore historians and period drama lovers, but they were just a fraction of the show’s overall audience. Millions fell in love with the aristocratic Crawley family, and not just because their drama was so enticing. Did you see where they lived? They had some sweet digs on Downton Abbey, and now you can see them for yourself. Although only certain parts of it are open to the public, you can visit Highclere Castle in Hampshire if you want to feel like one of the Crawleys. Given how gorgeous the grounds are, it’s worth the visit.

Police Beach (Lost)

Few shows have gotten viewers as hooked as Lost did back in the 2000s. Despite what you may have thought of the finale, people couldn’t get enough of the show when it was still on TV. Critics today still label it as one of the best series ever made, and we get why. It knew what it wanted to be, and it pulled it off expertly. If you were a massive fan of the show, why not visit the beach where most of it was set. Luckily, you don’t have to crash land to get to it. It’s in a part of Hawaii known as Oahu, with the beach itself aptly named Police Beach. Coincidence? Apparently so.

Seen somewhere that’s caught your eye? Now’s your chance to become the star of the show!