7 most creative cross walks from all over the world

There are several companies that use crosswalks in their advertising campaigns. They use creative ways to bring attention to the public.  Making a crosswalk is also a very easy and fast way to reduce the traffic stress within a neighborhood. Crosswalks are something that can be made into something that truly enhances the beauty of the area. Here are 7 of the most creative crosswalks from over the world that make their cities more walkable.

McDonald’s Crosswalk

McDonald was competing with several street food vendors during the Zurifest in Switzerland. They wanted to step up their game and therefore decided with the help of their advertising firm TBWA Switzerland that would develop a campaign and attract people through a unique crosswalk that appeared as a super-sized fries.  It was a super creative idea and looks great.

Latin Insurance Crosswalk

A print advertisement campaign was launched in Peru in order to promote the Latina Insurance company. The goal of the campaign was to show that a person would be completely secure from all his risks since the crosswalk can fight against any dangers that might arise. They used zebras crossings as well as other threats such abyss, crocodiles, and snakes. The aim of the campaign was to show that a person can cross safely in they were insured by their company.

Curving Ergo Crosswalk

The Ergo Crosswalk by Jae Min Lim, a Korean designer was actually an entry in the Seoul International Design. In this project, the usual Zebra shapes are turned into curves in order to represent the jaywalking practices of people. Jae believes that carving out a wider area will result in fewer accidents with pedestrians. What is even cooler, is the Zebra striped with built-in LEDS which glow green or red to signal to pedestrians when to cross.

Salzburg School of Music – Piano Crosswalk

The Salzburg School of Music crosswalk was repainted to appear as a piano keyboard throughout various locations in Switzerland. Each time the walk sign turns on, the piano plays a song. This gives the idea to pedestrians that their crossing of the street causes the music to play. This is without a doubt one of the most creative crosswalk ideas in the world.

Bubbles Hair Salon Comb Crosswalk

In order to get people excited about Bubbles salon, they added a comb-shaped crosswalk adjacent to the hair salon in Rome, Italy. The idea of this campaign was to direct people to where the salons were located and make the area more prominent.

Diagonal Crosswalk

The Diagonal Crosswalk is located in Los Angeles and has made pedestrian crossing much easier but allowing them to cross an intersection diagonally, rather than cross twice. This was an effort by the city’s mayor Antonio’s to reduce traffic congestion.

Sentieri Urbani Crosswalks

The Sentieri Urbani Crosswalks is part of the Adriano design company. They are two Italian brothers who are aiming to promote their projects and products and want to reinvent zebra crossing. They want to make each zebra crossing unique without losing their purpose.