5 Of The World’s Greatest Tattoo Shops

Each traveler finds their own way to document their journey. You may choose to take photographs of your favorite landscape, write a journal entry that details a city’s skyline, or you can make a memory permanent by inking it on your body. For travelers with tattoos, soaking in a country’s culture is best done through an art form that is practiced worldwide with diverse patterns, techniques and influences that represent where they’ve been and where they’re going. These 5 iconic shops won’t disappoint you, as long as you’re ready for your next piece of body art.

Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong, China

Joey Pang has become a critically acclaimed tattoo artist since opening her shop in 2006. Located in Hong Kong, the Tattoo Temple has a two year waiting list full of potential clients who want a piece of Pang’s revolutionary artistry. If you’re wondering what makes the Tattoo Temple’s wait list worthwhile, it’s the cutting-edge style of Pang’s brush-stroke technique that’s almost identical to Chinese calligraphy.  Her artwork is eerily reminiscent of Asian mythology and has been perfected through her personal practice of fine art.


The Tattoo Temple is a must-go for any body art lover in need of a traditional Chinese piece. Pang and her apprentices offer an eclectic range of imagery that not only suits the vision of their clients, but adheres to their firsthand philosophy of creating artwork that’s symbolic and unique.

Hanky Panky Tattoo in Amsterdam, Holland

It’s a little too easy to visit Amsterdam and miss the local treasures buried in the city’s small side-streets. Next time you secretly venture through the Red Light District, it’s essential that you stop in at Hanky Panky Tattoo and walk away with a classic piece. Hanky Panky is one of the oldest tattoo shops in Amsterdam and was originally established in 1979 by Dutch tattoo artist, Henk Schiffmacher. As a leading pioneer of the tattoo industry, Schiffmacher has inked many famous stars including Anthony Kiedis, Kurt Cobain and Willy de Ville.


The tattoo style at Hanky Panky resembles the works of Sailor Jerry and for mainstream audiences, Ed Hardy. Since Schiffmacher was a child of the 50’s, it’s not surprising that his original designs are a product of the old-school tattoo era. In recent years, the shop has transcended towards modern compositions, but still stays true to form with traditional-style body art for those who appreciate vintage style.

Tin-Tin Tatouages in Paris, France

Tin-Tin Tatouages is the perfect place to score an elegantly designed illustration for your favorite body part. Tin Tin opened the shop in 1999 after teaching himself to tattoo during his military service in Berlin. He’s now one of the most sought-after artists in the world and mentors up-and-coming tattooists who are lucky enough to study his craft in Paris.  


The artists at Tin-Tin are known to have a good laugh but that doesn’t mean they aren’t swamped with clients, both famous and local. His stunning designs feature a flawless use of color and have been used as advertisements in GQ, Elle, and a Givenchy perfume campaign.

Ciao Tattoo in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ciao Tattoo is now a historical landmark in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The shop has been open for over three decades and started out by tattooing sailors and foreigners who were visiting from other countries. Ciao’s mission has always been to de-stigmatize the tattoo industry and oppose outside discrimination with brilliant works of art that prove to be meaningful and well-constructed.


The artists at Ciao specialize in arms, legs and back work that can be transformed into fully bodysuits. Caio himself has been tattooing for over 40 years and only hires professionals who have 10 years of working experience. If you want the best of the best and a beautiful beach scenery to take in, Ciao Tattoo is a tattoo destination to put on your bucket list.

AKA in Berlin, Germany

AKA tattoo shop in Berlin has earned a reputation for being one of the hottest exhibition spots in the city. Visiting AKA isn’t just about the tattoos, it’s about an experience that no other shop can provide. The shop is also referred to as a cafe that displays artists’ work, hosts performance gigs, and fosters a community of stray cats. If you thought a cat cafe was the ‘purrfect’ place to let your creative side loose, then you need to get yourself over to this cat tattoo parlor immediately.


AKA’s tattoo artistry is a world-renowned technique partly due to its distinguishing black and white details and the artists’ ability to bring a client’s design to life. The shop specializes in a variety of styles and color patterns, but if you’re aiming to achieve a quality black and white piece with exquisite line work, AKA is the place to go for your next tattoo.