The most wildly themed restaurants around the world

While themed restaurants have been around since the burlesque cabarets of 19th-century Paris, modern day themed restaurants potentially began in 1971 when the Hard Rock Cafe opened in London.  Themed restaurants are quite difficult to make happen since often strange ideas do not always make so much sense in reality. However, many wildly themed restaurants based on the most random things you can possibly imagine have been highly successful throughout many countries in the world. Here are 5 themed restaurants you won’t want to miss.

Princess Heart (Tokyo, Japan)

The Princess Heart themed restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan is designed for all those who think they deserve to be treated like a princess at all times.  Princess guests of the restaurant are taken to a full-length mirror in which they are to ask who’s the fairest of them all, prior to sitting on a throne and being crowned.  If women want they can bring their partners, however, males who show up alone will be refused entrance.  Princesses are served a royal meal of salad rolls filled with shrimp and steamed chicken with ‘two sauces enchanted with sleeping beauty’s voice’.

A-380 (Taipei, Taiwan)

The A-380 themed restaurant located in Taipei, Taiwan and is a replication of an airplane. But since airplane food does not have the best reputation, why make a themed restaurant as such? Well, this restaurant brings delicious food served on a plastic tray and gives the impression that you really are high in the sky. The restaurant is modeled to look exactly like an aircraft and has waitresses dressed as flight attendants. Customers are given boarding passes to get a seat, and they even have a first class section for groups.

Safe House  (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

The Safe House themed restaurant located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin allows diners to live their secret fantasies of being an undercover agent. It is located in a building marked as ‘International Export Ltd’ in which entrance is only obtained by solving the secret password. Until the password is uncovered, the security at the entrance gives diners embarrassing missions to enter. The restaurant inside is full of secret passages and trap doors. Their Bond-style martini is shaken by shooting in the restaurant through a plastic tube.

Friends Cafe (Beijing, China)

Friends Cafe located in Beijing, China is a dream come true for any fan of the legendary show Friends. Every fan has always wished that Central Perk cafe actually existed outside of the show, and now it does, just not where you thought it would be.  Du Xin opened the cafe in Beijing as a tribute to the Friends hangout spot.  He studied millions of pictures of the show in order to make the cafe such an accurate replicate of the show, with big coffee cups, hot dogs, chocolate muffins and non-stop re-runs.  There are even fans who take turns playing ‘Smelly Cat’ throughout the day.

Barbie Cafe (Taipei, Taiwan)

The Barbie Cafe located in Taipei, Taiwan is very pink and very themed. The bar tables are just like the heel of a stiletto, and the chair backs are like bustiers and have tutus. The cafe is filled with Barbie dolls and even the waitresses wear tutus. The waiters as well try their best to look like Ken, although are not so successful at achieving this unrealistic look. But they really do try their best. Diners can order macarons in a martini glass, or super pink cocktails such as the Barbie 128.