5 most dog-friendly cities in the world

Traveling solo is fantastic, but traveling with someone you love is even better, and if that someone you love happens to have four legs and a tail, then check out these dog-friendly cities.

New York City, New York

NYC is all about their K9 friends! Home to the enormous Central Park, your pup will love exploring the miles of green space. In fact, New York is so pro-dog that you can get a $500 tax credit at the end of the year if you choose to adopt a dog from the shelter, rather than buy from a breeder. You go, New York!

Dogs of New York

Rome, Italy

Sure, Rome is known for its romance, but the love between a dog and his owner is something even more special. You’ll notice a whole load of dogs roaming around Rome, not only because the fountains are like huge water bowls, but also because it is not a legal requirement to use a leash, so they can run free. There are plenty of parks for zoomies, and as long as your dog is a good boy, he will be allowed in a large percentage of coffee shops.

Seattle, Washington

A fun fact about Seattle and dogs is that there are actually more fur-babies than human babies. So, if you are someone who thinks dogs are a million times cuter than babies (guilty!), this is a city you are going to love. There are a whole host of dog-friendly hotels of all budgets, 14 off-leash parks, and even places such as Greenwood’s Voff Bark & Brew and Ruff Lounge which are social clubs for dogs and their humans – have a beer while your dog makes friends.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a fantastic tech hub full of super cool shopping, art, and food – the only way it could be even more perfect, is if you take your dog along with you! Luckily dogs are welcome in most places (as they should be!) from malls to cafes and on public transport, which is perfect for getting you both to one of the over 70 dog parks that are in the city!

Tel Aviv dog

Geneva, Switzerland

If you are a dog lover, you will understand how heartbreaking it can be to know that some owners are not kind to their pets and not all dogs are looked after the way they deserve to be. Geneva has the perfect way to handle that, as they require all dog owners to pass a written and practical test to obtain a dog license.

Santa Barbara, California

We all know that dogs love to hit the beach as much as we do – so much water to splash in, people to meet, other dogs to sniff and an abundance of room to run around. However, Santa Barbara takes it one step further with a dedicated dog beach where dogs can be kept off their leash to enjoy themselves as much as you do.

So don’t feel as though you have to leave your furry friend at home – take him on your next adventure with you. We’re sure he’ll love it.