Exciting travel apps to get you going

It’s difficult to describe what a valuable experience traveling is. It’s like casting yourself into new dimensions and getting to meet new and interesting people and learn about so many different ways of life. Traveling has become much easier in the recent past with all sorts of new technologies and innovations as well as the reduction of traveling costs (if you know where to look). But with so many things to do and see, it can be difficult to figure out where to start and how to keep track of it all. In steps the travel apps.

Travel apps are programs you can download to your smart device such as your phone or tablet, that give you helpful information on your travel destinations. They can help you organize your trip and find places for you to visit and activities for you to do. Here are some of the latest helpful travel apps.


Hopper is a free to download and use app which keeps track of the latest airfares and hotel prices. Its database of historical data shows you trends in the prices so you can see when the best time to book is to save a few dollars. Simply type in your destination on the app and it will show you when the cheapest and most expensive times to book are. It will also keep you updated and notify you when that date is coming up, so you can start gathering the necessities for the trip.

Exciting travel apps to get you going

Google Trips

Google has a whole host of interconnected apps and features. Google Trips can be linked between an email account and the app and organize information directly from your confirmation emails, with you having to enter as little as possible. It is also linked to its maps feature, which can help you get around. Naturally, as Google has access to just about all the data on the internet, the app can provide you with tips like nearby emergency services and local customs.


Skyscanner helps you find destinations based on your budget and timeframe. Simply enter these two pieces of information and the app will return all of the places which suit. Users often find unexpected locations that they thought were out of their price range, but are actually more accessible than they thought. It also monitors airfares and can let you know when the prices are lowest.


Rome2rio is a travel app centered around iconic landmarks and places. You enter the landmark you want to visit and the app finds the nearest accommodations and amenities. It also plots the various ways of travel between places and shows you the price difference between them.

Exciting travel apps to get you going

Trabee Pocket

Trabee Pocket is used to keep track of all of your purchases and receipts, which is helpful for travel budgeting or if you need those records for business or tax purposes. It has an exchange rate calculator to help you navigate the local currency too.


CouchSurfing is a unique app that lets you post your destination or event that you are attending and receive offers for hospitality and lodging from people in the area. It operates on a barter/gift system and hosts do not charge. The security is quite tight and the app has received many positive reviews and a lot of praise. “Couch surfing” is certainly an interesting way to travel, especially if you are on a budget.