Ted’s girlfriends on “How I Met Your Mother” – where are they now?

How I Met Your Mother will probably go down in history as one of the most beloved sitcoms ever created. The CBS show was exactly what we needed to help us get over Friends, which had ended the year before HIMYM premiered. Similar to Friends, How I Met Your Mother focused on the lives of a group of close-knit friends in New York City. However, the show was quite unique in the way it was written, with a future Ted narrating to his children the story of how he met their mother. Throughout 9 seasons and 11 years, fans waited patiently to meet The Mother. While clues were slowly revealed over time, it wasn’t until the final episode that we got to see who The Mother really is with one of the most shocking TV twists of all time.

Of course, Ted kept us guessing the entire show, and with every girl he dated (and there were a lot of them) we wondered if she could be the mother of his children. While some of Ted’s romances didn’t last more than one night, he did have some more serious ones along the way. Of course, none of them ended well and often left Ted, who still had feelings for his best friend and ex-lover Robin, disappointed and let down.

Ted does manage to prove again and again throughout the long duration of the show, that he is indeed a hopeless romantic. Even with his long list of relationship failures, he never quite seems to give up on looking for ‘the one’ and was quick to end things if he didn’t feel a true connection.

The many women who dated Ted, although their roles were often brief, made a big impact on the show.

Continue reading to find out what the women who played Ted’s girlfriends are up to today!

Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky- then

Robin is one of the main characters on the show and plays a pop-star turned journalist turned TV morning show host. She is Lily’s best friend and is ex-roommate/girlfriend to both Ted and Barney. She ends up breaking Ted’s heart and marrying Barney in 2013 which ends in divorce 3 years later. It was hinted that Robin and Ted get back together in 2030, six years after his wife passes away.

Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky- now

The Canadian beauty has been in numerous TV shows and movies since the finale of HIMYM. Most recently, she has played Mother in the TV version of A Series of Unfortunate Events. She also currently plays Lisa Turner in the Netflix comedy-drama Friends from College. The now 35-year-old is married to Saturday Night Live actor Taran Killam and they have two toddlers together.

Laura Prepon as Karen- then

Karen was Ted’s on and off again girlfriend throughout high school and college. She was mentioned several times in flashbacks until she and Ted got back together in 2009. Lily hated Laura because she once “lingered” at a nude Marshall when she walked in on Lily doing a portrait of him. The gang also hated her because she cheated on Ted constantly. Ted finally ends things for good with Karen after she expects him to stop being friends with Lily.

Laura Prepon as Karen- now

The That 70’s Show star was already famous before her guest role on HIMYM. While she has been in several TV shows and movies since, she is most well recognized today for her role as Piper’s ex-girlfriend Alex Vause in Orange Is the New Black. The 37-year-old is married to actor Ben Foster and last July gave birth to her first child, a baby girl.

Anne Dudek as Natalie- then

Natalie is a girl who was dumped by Ted three years prior to the first episode of season 1. He broke up with her via answering machine on her birthday, and all of the guests of her surprise party heard the message. After feeling nostalgic about Natalie, he decides to go to her house with a big sock monkey. The couple get back together only for Ted to break up with her again three weeks later because she wasn’t the one for him.

Anne Dudek as Natalie- now

Since Anne’s quick appearance on HIMYM, the 42-year-old has gone on to bigger roles in successful TV shows. She played Laura Grant in Big Love, Dr. Amber Volakis in House and Francine Hanson in Mad Men. Her most current roles have been Karen in the horror film House by the Lake and Pamela Duncan in the Amazon Prime series Bosch. The actress now is a mother of two with artist husband Matthew Heller.


Janet Varney as Stacey Gusar- then

Stacey is a girl who dated both Barney and Ted. After the two were arguing about who had more game, they choose a random girl in the bar and decide that the first one to sleep with her will be the winner. Barney tried hitting on her first, then gets slapped after realizing he already slept with her. Ted then makes a move on her and as he is going to win the game, but he keeps thinking about Barney. Ted runs out of her apartment and never sees her again. In a twist, Barney confesses that he never actually slept with her.

Janet Varney as Stacey Gusar- now

After Janet’s one-time role in HIMYM, she has been working non-stop. For two years she was the voice of Korra in the Avatar film, The Legend of Korra. Most recently, she has been seen as Evie Barret in the series Stan Against Evil and Becca Barbara in You’re the Worst. The 41-year-old was nominated in 2016 for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series for her role in Everyone’s Crazy But Us. She also won several awards for her vocal performance in The Legend of Korra.

Lindsay Price as Cathy- then

Ted dates Cathy for a short period of time and is crazy about her. Excited to introduce her to his friends, his friends tell Ted that there is something wrong with her but that they won’t tell him so they don’t ruin it for him. Eventually, they reveal that she doesn’t stop talking. After his friend’s realization, Ted can’t help but get annoyed by how much she talks. Eventually, he can’t stand it any longer and he breaks up with her.

Lindsay Price as Cathy- now

Before HIMYM, Lindsay was well-known for playing Janet Sosna in Beverly Hills 90210. After her quick relationship with Ted, she continued acting in several smaller TV roles in shows like Two and a Half Men and Black-ish. She just finished filming a pilot for the series Splitting Up Together. The 40-year-old actress is married to her second husband, Curtis Stone. The couple have two little boys.

Judy Greer as Royce- then

Royce and Ted dated for a while, and Ted was waiting to see if she had any baggage. After trying to discover it, he found nothing and saw that he is the one who has baggage. However, eventually she reveals to Ted that she did indeed have some baggage and said she was left at the alter 3 times, is addicted to gambling and lives in a studio apartment with her brother. Ted then immediately asks her to leave.

Judy Greer as Royce- now

Since appearing in HIMYM, Judy has been taking a variety of roles in the world of television. She played Walden’s ex-wife in Two and a Half Men until 2015, and played Lina Bowman in the TV series Married. Nowadays, she is working as a voice actress for the kids cartoon StoryBots and for the FX (not for kids) animated show Archer, where she is the voice of Cheryl Tunt.

Laura Bell Bundy as Becky- then

Becky was Robin’s co-anchor on the morning talk show Come On, Get Up New York! Becky got the job after her predecessor Don Frank quit to take a different position. She promised not to take Robin’s thunder but eventually it became clear that her bubbly nature was taking over the show. Ted meets her and the two start dating. Ted liked her because she made him feel needed. However, he quickly realized that she is like a five-year-old and breaks up with her.

Laura Bell Bundy as Becky- now

After several appearances in HIMYM, Laura landed a steady role as Dr. Jordan Denby in the Charlie Sheen comedy series, Anger Management. At the same time she was acting as Shelby Sinclair in the series Hart of Dixie. Since then, she has made small appearances on several TV shows such as Scream Queens and Fuller House. The 36-year-old got married to her long-time boyfriend Thom Hinkle last June.

Katie Holmes as Naomi- then

Ted met Naomi when she was dressed like a pumpkin at a Halloween party. The two connected instantly at the party, but Ted lost her number on a KitKat bar. Ted spent the next few years attending the same Halloween party on his roof, and wore the same costume every year in hopes that he would meet her again. Six seasons later Ted finally meets Naomi, and they start dating. Ted and Naomi break up mutually after realizing that they don’t really share a strong connection.

Katie Holmes as Naomi- now

Katie Holmes was already a well-established actress before her role on HIMYM. Most popular for her role in Dawson’s Creek and for her previous marriage with Tom Cruise, she is still landing lead roles today. In the last couple years she has been in the biography drama film Woman in Gold alongside Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren. She also played Jacqueline Kennedy on the TV Mini-Series The Kennedys. The 38-year-old’s next film will be with Matt Damon in the new movie Ocean’s Eight.

Sarah Chalke as Stella Zinman- then

Dr. Stella Zinman was Ted’s dermatologist before she became his girlfriend. She remains as Ted’s romantic interest for a good portion of the third season. He proposes to her and she says yes. However, she leaves Ted right before the wedding for her ex-boyfriend karate teacher and father of her child Tony Grafanello. Later on, Tony feels bad and offers Ted a job as an architecture professor, which he accepts.

Sarah Chalke as Stella Zinman- now

Before her appearances in HIMYM, Sarah was already well-known for her long run with the hit medical-comedy series Scrubs. Since leaving Ted for Tony, Sarah hasn’t taken a break from acting and has been in several TV shows and films. She most recently has been the voice of Beth Smith in the popular Adult swim animated comedy series Rick and Morty. Her next project? She will be reliving her role as Becky Conner-Healy in the newest Roseanne revival.

Jennifer Morrison as Zooey Pierson- then

Zooey is Ted’s ex-girlfriend and former enemy. She is an activist and has chained herself to a 100-year-old redwood and has stolen a horse that belonged to a police officer. She became an enemy of Ted’s for protesting against the destruction of an old NYC hotel which was going to be torn down and replaced with a bank headquarters using Ted’s design. Ted eventually falls for Zooey and the two date behind her husband’s back. She ultimately leaves her husband for Ted but the two can’t stop arguing so they decide to call it quits.

Jennifer Morrison as Zooey Pierson- now

The now 38-year-old actress seems to be doing fine without Ted. Since her departure from How I Met Your Mother, Jennifer has been making appearances in several films and TV series. She most recently appeared as Candice in the horror film, Amityville: The Awakening, she also had a major role as Emma Swan in the abc fantasy adventure series Once Upon a Time.

Kathleen Rose Perkins as Marybeth- then

Marybeth was a coworker of Ted’s and after renting a limo for his friends on New Year’s Eve, he invited her along. He thought that she was flirting with him in the office, but after spending some time with her it was easy to see that she is just overly friendly with everyone. Later that night, Marybeth recognizes Ted’s love for Robin and she decides to leave and goes home.

Kathleen Rose Perkins as Marybeth- now

Since her brief role in HIMYM, Kathleen starred in several movies and TV shows. She is probably most recognized for her role as Shawna Kelly in the movie adaptation of Gone Girl. Most recently, she has been focusing on TV roles. She played Jennifer McMahon in the series Colony and Carol Rance in Episodes. The 42-year-old is working on her next show, a suburban housewife drama called Almost Home.

Cristin Milioti as Tracy Mosby- then

Tracy was revealed as Ted Mosby’s wife, or “The Mother” over the course of several years. The show’s slow-reveal kept people guessing who Ted was telling his children about in the narrations. The finale shows that Tracy died of an unidentified disease in 2024, around six years before Ted tells his children how he met her. Ted met Tracy after Barney and Robin’s wedding reception at the Farhampton train station, since he was planning on moving to Chicago.

Cristin Milioti as Tracy Mosby- now

Since the big reveal, Cristin has been continuing onward with her acting career. Originally an award-winning broadway star, the actress now is focusing more on her on-screen performances. She played Zelda Vasco on NBC’s A to Z and Betsy Solverson in the FX show Fargo. Most recently, the 32-year-old was seen as Maud Weller in the comedy drama film Breakable You. Cristin is dating her long-time boyfriend Jesse Hooker.

Ashley Williams as Victoria- then

Ted met Victoria at his friends’ Stuart and Claudia’s wedding. She is a baker and was the one who made their cake. They caught eyes from across the reception hall, and as Ted approached her she called herself Buttercup (after the name of her bakery.) After spending the night together, Ted found out her real name and tracked the baker down. The two continued to date even when she moved to Germany for a cooking fellowship. However, after she found out Ted lied about sleeping with Robin, she left him.

Ashley Williams as Victoria- now

After becoming a fan favorite on HIMYM, Ashley moved on to appear in several movies such as the indie film 6 Love Stories and the HBO hit series Girls. She is currently in post-production of a comedy film called The Brits Are Coming and a TV holiday film, Christmas In Evergreen. She is married to producer/actor Neal Dodson and they have two children together.

Ashley Benson as Carly Whittaker- then

Carly is Barney’s half sister who dated Ted for a brief period of time. Ted finds her attractive from the beginning, but has trouble connecting with her due to her being a lot younger than he is. Although Barney tries to marry the couple, Ted never gets over the age gap and eventually the relationship ends before it was ever really started.

Ashley Benson as Carly Whittaker- now

Since Ashley’s single episode on HIMYM, the 27-year-old has been doing pretty well for herself. Since 2010, she has been staring as Hanna Marin on the widely successful TV series Pretty Little Liars. Last year, she appeared in a comedy-drama coming of age film called Chronically Metropolitan, where she played alongside Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker. The blonde beauty has millions of followers on social media, and just recently introduced her newest sun and reading glasses collection called Icon.

Abby Elliot as Jeanette Peterson- then

Jeanette is a police lieutenant and was Ted’s last girlfriend before meeting the mother. Ted first saw her on a train, but she leaves before he can talk to her. The next day, he spots her outside the university where he teaches and she confesses that she looked him up with the details she remembered about him. The gang thinks Jeanette is a stalker but Ted doesn’t mind. Ted later finds out that she has been following him for over a year. After many failed attempts of breaking up with her, she finally breaks up with him.

Abby Elliot as Jeanette Peterson- now

Before she was Ted’s crazy girlfriend, Abby was a regular on Saturday Night Live. She continues to land television roles, her most recent being Brooke Von Weber in Odd Mom Out and the voice of Janna on the animated children’s show Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She also had a movie role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles where she played Taylor. Last year, the 30-year-old got married to House of Cards writer, Bill Kennedy.

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