The inspiring story of Keanu Reeves

He has starred in some of our favorite movies – the Matrix (which, by the way, are WE ourselves living in one too?), Point Break, and speed, just to name a few.

But it turns out that there is a lot more to this actor than meets the eye. First of all, the man is a genius. Many times agents have to try their hardest to convince directors and producers that the actor or actress that they represent are not idiots and will understand the script. However, this is not so with Keanu Reeves.

In fact, it is a blessing and a curse that the producers and directors know he is so smart – a blessing because they know he will understand the script, but also a curse because he will tell the directors or producers if a script or movie idea itself is stupid.

In fact, this is what he told the producers of Speed 2, and the producers refused to work with him for a decade. But Reeves was right about the movie – while Speed scored a 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Speed 2 only scored a three percent grade.

If you could not yet tell, this Lebanese born, Canadian raised, half Hawaiin actor is a lot more than meets the eye (especially given all of the Sad Keanu memes which have been created and floating around the internet).

But his story is not all happiness, with lots of pain, heartbreak, and angst, it is but a small wonder that Keanu Reeves has managed to remain as sane and “normal” as he has given his story. And maybe, just maybe, you will want to send him a card on his birthday.

Every woman’s dream

In a recent tell all interview, the wife of the lead singer of Duran Duran, Amanda de Cadenet, reveals how she considered having an affair with Keanu Reeves while she was two months pregnant! But how did this internationally renowned superstar achieve such greatness that people were considering cheating on their spouses for him? Well it turns out that his hard early life and his perseverance made him a yearned after man.

Born in Beirut

Keanu Reeves himself identifies as a Canadian (and even has citizenship there), but he has also spent a lot of time in the United States on a green card. However, it turns out that Keanu was actually born in Beirut, Lebanon. His mother Patricia was a costume designer at the time while his father, Sam, was a man of mixed American and Chinese descent from the islands of Hawaii. He left Beirut with his mother at a young age and from there moved to Sydney, Australia.

Father Felon

Keanu Reeves has only seen his father for brief stints since he was born and cut off all contact with his dad when he was only 13. In fact, the last time he saw his father was on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It was shortly after that visit that his father was arrested in the Hilo International Airport on the Big Island of Hawaii for selling narcotics. However, having never finished high school, Sam Reeves finally got his GED while in prison.

Multicultural upbringing

Due to his parents’ complicated, intermixed roots, Keanu Reeves was surrounded with a huge influence of different cultures. His father was part native Hawaiian, Chinese, and even had some Portuguese influence, so he had that culture around while he was growing up. Meanwhile, his mother was very, purely English, so Keanu grew up with a lot of British cultural influences constantly around.

Settling in Canada

After globetrotting around the world and galavanting across the United States with his mother for most of his childhood, his mom met and married a Hollywood director named Paul Aaron. In 1970 the couple took Keanu with them to Toronto Canada, where the young Reeves would ultimately gain citizenship. However, just one year later, Paul Aaron left Keanu’s mother, heading back to live in sunny California. However, Reeves and his family stayed on, living in the Yorkville suburb of Toronto.

Going Great Correspondent

While Keanu Reeves was in high school he auditioned for and received a job being a kid correspondent for a CBC and Nickelodeon show called Going Great. The show was about kids who did great things or had unique skills that a many other people – including adults – did not have. Reeves was a correspondent for the show for a few months until it got cancelled. Despite Keanu being a great correspondent, the show was still ranked one of the worst in Nickelodeon history.

Living with the ex

Keanu Reeves dropped out of high school when he was just 17 years old and went to California in order to live with his stepfather Paul Aaron. His former step father gave him jobs to do around the various sets he was on, and even began to give Reeves acting roles. In fact, Keanu Reeves’s first ever foray into the world of acting was appearing on an episode of Hangin’ In, a popular show which ran from 1981-1987.


One of the many reasons that Keanu Reeves did not initially finish high school was due to the fact that it was difficult for him to read due to him having dyslexia. This frustration caused him to act out in class. In fact, he was such a problematic student that he was forced out of nearly every school he attended. He has the dubious honor of having attended five different schools over his four year high school career.

Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure

In 1989 Keanu Reeves starred in a movie called Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The movie is the most slacker of high school slacker films, and details the adventures of Bill and Ted, two kids who need to ace a history test in order to save humanity (don’t ask, just watch the movie). Reeves, who played Ted in the film, was shocked when the film itself became one of the cult classics of the 1980s.

Keanu the Bassist

One of the lesser known aspects of Keanu Reeves is the fact that he was in a band – a decently successful band at that by the way. He played bass guitar for a band called Dogstar. His band was big on the grunge rock genre of music, and even opened up for some extremely big name acts for the time. Him and his band opened even opened up for the legendary Bon Jovi.

Doing what makes him happy

There were points in Keanu Reeve’s career where his true self certainly shined through and he stayed true to who he was. For instance, after starring in the hit movie Speed, he turned down a contract to perform the same role in the sequel. However, he decided not to go through with the role, instead deciding to perform in a small theatre version of Hamlet. Reeves was offered an $11 million contract, but he stayed true to his heart and performed for 750 people instead.

The double tragedy

Back in 2001, Keanu Reeves was in a long term relationship with a woman named Jennifer Syme. At one point the two decided that they would have a child together, and so Syme became pregnant with Reeve’s baby. However, after eight months in the womb, the baby came out a stillbirth, devastating the couple. Then, little more than a year later, Syme herself tragically died when she crashed her car while driving under the influence.

Spreading the wealth

One of the things that Keanu Reeves is a strong believer in is for everyone to get their fair share of the pie. In fact, upon making $80 million from his three Matrix movies and seeing the paltry sums that the rest of the special effects guys made (and let’s be real, they were the ones who actually did all the work), Reeves split up $50 million amongst all of them because, as he says, he already has enough money.

Wrestling with Alice Cooper

It turns out that rock star Alice Cooper used to babysit little Keanu Reeves when he was a child. Reeves’s mother used to do makeup for a local rock production company in Toronto which just so happened to be the producers for Alice Cooper when he was just starting out. So, in order to make some extra cash, Cooper would babysit Keanu. Apparently the two were big fans of wrestling.

Harleys for the crew

One of the most important aspects of any action movie is the stunt man. The stunt man is the person who performs all of the actual dangerous stunts so that the big name actor does not have to. There is an entire crew for the stunt team ensuring that everyone remains safe throughout the filming. After the Matrix, Keanu Reeves was so grateful for his stunt crew that he bought them all brand new Harleys.

Making his own bikes

Keanu Reeves has his own motorcycle company. He loves to ride so much that he decided that he wants to get into motorcycle design and sales. So, he created a firm called Arch Motorcycles in order to do just that. The bikes themselves have a really cool, sleek, minimalist design and come in all different shapes and colors. But what sets these bikes apart is the fact that the seats are ergonomically designed for a smoother, sleeker ride.

Doesn’t grow older

For some reason, it appears as if Keanu Reeves does not grow older. In fact, if he did not have a beard and a mustache, he would look exactly the same as he did when he was 16. In fact, there are a whole lot of fan theories which state that Keanu Reeves has simply been around since the beginning of time. People have been finding portraits and paintings of people from the 1500’s who happen to look exactly like Reeves. Weird.

The most sad birthday

When Keanu Reeves turned 46, he actually broke the internet for having such a sad birthday. It turns out that Keanu Reeves bought himself a single, solitary cupcake on his birthday, and there are photos of him eating it alone. At one point some workers come by, but they seem to just be working. A tourist comes by to take a picture with Reeves, but did not wish the actor a happy birthday. Poor guy.

Sad Keanu memes

Keanu Reeves looks like a sad, lonely man. People who see him on the street have been taking pictures as he goes about his everyday life, and boy does he look lonely. It all started with a picture of Reeves eating a sandwich and looking just absolutely dejected. This has been followed up by other pictures of him walking around looking sad. In fact, people have used his sad pictures to try and make funny memes.

Sued by the paparazzi

A member of the paparazzi tried to sue Keanu Reeves for nearly three quarters of a million dollars. Apparently, as Keanu was leaving the hospital where his sister was undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia, the paparazzo Alison Silva jumped in front of Reeves’s car to take pictures, allegedly getting hit in the process. So, Silva sued for about $712,000. However, once the lawsuit went to trial, the judge threw the suit out almost immediately.

Net worth – $350 million

Keanu Reeves is worth an astounding $350 million dollars. He worked hard for his money and has a lot of money making schemes in place in order to grow his wealth. On top of being a world class actor, he also owns a production studio and, as mentioned previously, he also owns a motorcycle brand. And what’s more, he isn’t afraid to give his wealth away to those who deserve it.

Death of a best friend

It turns out that River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves were both best friends. They really enjoyed doing everything they could together, including movies. However, as if Keanu had not suffered enough in his life already, Keanu would lose his best friend River to a substance abuse problem. Within the space of seven years, he had lost his best friend, his daughter, as well as the love of his life. No wonder he looks so sad all the time.

Lots of stalkers

However, there are plenty of women who would like to be with him in any case, and they certainly make themselves known. It is a well known fact that Keanu Reeves likes to read in the library, and so one day, a woman walked up to him and propositioned him there. He called the cops and she was arrested. A few days later a woman broke into Reeves’s house, took off her clothes and went for a swim in his pool.

Loves reading

Despite having quite severe dyslexia, Keanu Reeves loves reading. In fact, he is more likely to be found at a local library or rare books store than he is at a bar or a club. He loves to read and loves to learn as well. In fact, the director of The Day the Earth Stood Still did a book exchange with Reeves and was shocked at the number of books Reeves was able to put away in nine months.

Ghost story

In a recent interview, Keanu Reeves recounts how, as a small child, he is convinced that he saw a ghost. In the interview, he stated that I remember just staring at this suit which had no body or legs in it as it came into the room before disappearing. It was a double-breasted suit in white and I looked at my nanny, who was just as shocked as me. I just couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards.”

Keanu and the states

There just seems to be something about Keanu Reeves and the fifty states of the United States. For some reason, his movies either take place in states all across America (including Idaho of all places) and he portrays characters that come from all over the United States as well. In fact, when he was the lead star in Point Break, his character was a former quarterback for the Ohio State University.

Keanu’s coke commercial

When Keanu Reeves was a lot younger, he starred in a Coca Cola commercial. The commercial portrayed him as a bicycle racer and racing towards the finish line. The dad, who is shown to be his coach, is loading Reeves up with Coke before his big race. However, Keanu Reeves loses, but all is good, as his father gives him a coke – right after racing. Well, that may be why he lost, he was drinking a soft drink instead of water.

Learning to be a lawyer

Keanu Reeves played the main character of a criminal defense lawyer in the film The Devil’s Advocate. In the film, Reeves must protect and defend people who have clearly done wrong (he is a defense lawyer after all), and ends up getting picked by a big New York Firm to be their new partner. In order to learn the mannerisms of a lawyer as well as understand his role, Reeves actually spent several months shadowing a real live defense attorney.

All of his favorite things

During an interview back in 1995, Keanu Reeves was asked about what his favorite things to do were. He responded, saying “Lying in bed with my lover, riding my bike, sports, happy times with my friends, conversation, learning, the earth, dirt, a beautiful repast with friends, family with wine and glorious food and happy tidings and energy and zest and lust for life.” He also likes being in the desert.

Encouraging sky divers

There is a very famous scene in the movie Point Break where Keanu Reeves and his cohorts all jump out of a plane and skydive together. The guys seem to be having the time of their lives, spinning around in the air and at one point all linking up in a giant circle above the clouds. This one scene led hundreds of people to try skydiving, and to this day, people will come up to Keanu Reeves and tell them how he made them want to skydive.


It turns out that Keanu Reeves may have been seeing Charlize Theron for a much longer time than any of us thought. In fact, just two weeks after Theron broke up with long time boyfriend Stuart Townsend, and just weeks later was seen kissing Reeves after what could only be described as a date. There have always been rumors that the couple began seeing each other on again off again since starring in a movie together. Could it be that Theron was cheating on Townsend with Reeves?

Eats steak before shooting

Before Keanu Reeves shoots an action scene – be it for Point Break, the Matrix, or even his newest line of films John Wick – Reeves always eats a steak. For some reason, he just does not feel like he will be able to act his role fully without a steak dinner beforehand. As he said in an interview with Men’s Fitness magazine, he is getting older and it takes him more time to recover. The steak must help his muscles.

New girlfriend?

One of the toughest things about finding out about Keanu Reeves is the fact that he likes to keep his life so private. However, thanks to the amazing work of the paparazzi, we can see all of the aspects of his life as well as we possibly can. For instance, we know that Reeves was dating a brunette, as the two were seen entering a stadium in Los Angeles for a Who concert recently. Good on you Keanu, she looks cute!