Meghan Markle’s deleted Instagram posts show her life before she became a member of the Royal Family

There’s no question Meghan is a woman of elegance and grace, who she pours her heart into the roles she’d played on screen and the humanitarian work she’s done and will continue to do in her capacity as duchess. That said, until her wedding she was a living quite a different existence. We’re here for Meghan in all her incarnations, though, and so, without further ado, here are some of the Duchess of Sussex’s most private and intimate moments, gone from her social media platforms but forever in our hearts.

The real Meghan Markle

Ever since her first appearance in Suits in 2011, Meghan Markle has been the source of much affection – and it’s not hard to see why. From her natural acting talent to her beautiful appearance and celebrity status, the newly minted royal has amassed a whopping 3 million followers on Instagram.

In the past, she has shared snippets of her life before her engagement to Prince Harry. Yet, sometimes she’s shared a little bit too much, and we can’t imagine ol’ Queen Liz will be too happy about the amount of skin that Meghan is showing in this picture, though as her fans and readers, we think she looks great.

Staying hydrated

Like most celebrities, Meghan Markle spends most of her free time traveling the world and exploring new and exotic places – not that we’re jealous or anything. However, Meghan has the perfect reason to luxuriate: as the creator of her own blog, The Tig, Meghan used her travel opportunities to update her blog and her followers.

During a visit to Greece, Meghan took this hydrating photograph of herself with the ocean in the background. We can’t imagine Meghan will be drinking any more of this stuff when she gets hitched. Tea and crumpets are probably next on the menu for her, as opposed to drinking a refreshing ice cold beer on the beach.

Slick selfies

One of the best things we love about celebrities is that we have all have something in common. After all, who DOESN’T love to take a selfie?

Just a month before her fairytale meeting with Prince Harry, Meghan posted this slick selfie on her Instagram page, which resulted in a hefty liking spree from her followers. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing any more of these anytime soon, as it’s against the royal rules to take selfies. Apparently, the Queen thinks they’re “strange,” which, come to think of it, they kind of are?

Sleep tight

During her star turn on the hit series Suits, Meghan was also reigning supreme on her blog, The Tig, where she posted weekly updates on her life, her health, wellbeing, as well as fashion and style.

It’s no secret that Meghan is a woman of natural elegance and beauty, but we can’t imagine this look would go down well in Buckingham Palace. In fact, members of the royal family are never seen in casual clothing, as they are expected to be well presented at all times. Even Prince George has to wear tailored trousers around the house!

Tequila time

Thanks to her impressive net worth (allegedly around $5 million), Meghan Markle has been able to enjoy the finer things in life and has often taken herself and her friends on beautiful summer holidays to the likes of Ibiza.

In August 2016, the now-Duchess did just that and spent the evenings on the White Isle drinking Tequila sodas with her best pals and watching the sunset in front of them. However, we reckon Meghan might have to change her drink of choice, unless the Queen loves a good Tequila Slammer, of course…

A flirty loungewear package

We love nothing more than getting home after a long day, getting into our pajamas, and sitting down to watch a good movie, and it seems Meghan Markle is no different. Nevertheless, it seems our pajamas of choice are a little different.

While we get ours from the local Walmart or Target, Meghan seems to get cheeky packages from expensive loungewear brands. Somehow, we just can’t imagine this parcel turning up on the doorstep of their newlywed home in Nottingham Cottage.

A sultry selfie

If you happened to catch Meghan Markle’s now-disabled Instagram page, you would have noticed this photograph as her profile picture.

Compete with a sultry pose, tussled hair and some pretty white sheets; we can’t imagine this selfie was not taken in the presence of Prince Harry, the Queen, or any other royal. This photograph has amassed nearly 50,000 likes – but we might not be seeing another photo like this in the future.

The mirror selfie

Although it’s gone slightly out of fashion, the mirror selfie is still a firm favorite for those who love to take a good selfie, and Meghan has taken a fair few in her lifetime.

With a pouty look, some fluffy slippers and a cool-looking apartment in the background, Meghan took the world by storm when she posted this selfie. With the rustic mirror revealing a comfy dining room – and Meghan’s cute pose – we think this shot’s a classic.

Always the bridesmaid

We know Meghan looks plenty royal in this photo, but it was actually taken during her pre-duchess days. As a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding, she was ravishing in a blush-colored gown.

Sadly, it’s photos like this that are now gone – since royal rules dictate that Meghan must disable her private social media status forever, Meghan has put her private online presence behind her, bridesmaid dresses and all.

What a poser

Since she stumbled into the limelight, Meghan has always been impeccably dressed. No matter which red carpet she walked down, no matter which event she attended, and no matter which Michelin-star restaurant she dined at, she was more than happy to share her outfit choices with her Instagram followers.

However, with a new royal status come new rules, which means Meghan will have to be properly and elegantly dressed at all time, and keep her posture perfect – which means poses like this won’t be allowed.

Sleep Sweet

In an Instagram post in June 2016, Meghan Markle proved that she was not shy in front of the camera.

Uploading a beautiful full-face selfie, Meghan showed off her natural glow and her glistening smile – but it seems Meghan will have to learn how to be more reserved as she enters into her new life with Prince Harry. As a rule, the Royal Family have to lead a relatively quiet life, which means she won’t be able to post selfies like this one, or even sign autographs for her fans.

A deleted photo

Although Meghan still has kept most of her Instagram photographs on her account, she did get in hot water when one of her co-stars posted a saucy picture of her… and quickly deleted it.

In August 2017, Patrick J. Adams decided to post a throwback photograph of himself with his Suits co-star, our girl Markle, to his Instagram page. According to the actor, he posted the old photograph of the pair of them on set, before placing his phone on silent and going to bed. However, he did not expect the backlash that ensued…

A quick peck

The photograph in question featured a selfie of both Patrick and Meghan and saw Meghan kissing her co-star on the cheek. On his social media page, Patrick captioned the photograph with the innocent “Ross and Rachel – the next generation.”

Unfortunately, fans of Meghan and the Royal Family were not impressed with his choice of photo, or his choice of words. Before too long, online trolls bombarded his post with negative comments and insults, and his post was taken entirely out of context.

Strutting her stuff

One of the main reasons we love following Meghan Markle is of her coveted way of life. While we don’t want to be an actor or actress, the riches that come with it don’t seem too bad.

That way, we could go on incredible vacations and strut our stuff on chilled out verandas with a cocktail in our hands. Ahhh, that’s the life! However, we can’t imagine we’ll be kept up to date on Meghan’s upcoming vacation destinations, as a royal vacation is slightly different from what we’re used to…

A working girl

Coming from a humble background, Meghan Markle has always been immensely gracious of the life that she is lucky to lead, and has often filled her Instagram posts with updates on her life and her career.

In recent years, she has posted numerous photographs of herself on the set of movies, TV shows, and talk shows – and of course, she always looks fabulous. Yet, with a new hectic schedule ready and raring to go, we doubt Meghan will be stepping foot in one of these trailers again.

Journey to the past

Since Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry, the actress and humanitarian has been under intense scrutiny. In fact, as only the second divorcee to marry into the Royal Family, Meghan is somewhat of an anomaly – which means we ALL want to know more about her and her past.

Luckily, her Instagram feed is the best journey into the past and features numerous up close and personal photographs from her first marriage to Trevor Engelson. We bet he’s kicking himself right now.

Another man

However, Trevor Engelson isn’t the only man who has been adorning her Instagram feed. A few years ago, Meghan posted this saucy snap of herself cuddling into a (very) handsome man at an event.

This photograph caused a media storm after her engagement, with many questioning her intentions with the Prince. Nevertheless, those close to the Duchess were quick to note that the man in the photograph, Markus Anderson, is Meghan’s best friend and the mutual friend who introduced the couple in the first place. Phew.

Just hanging out

Alongside her snaps with eligible men, Meghan’s Instagram has also been littered with pictures of herself and her friends enjoying the life of the rich and famous.

While traveling in Madrid with two of her pals, Meghan posted this snap which showed off her stunning figure and iconic style. However, with a new royal schedule to adhere to and a new royal title under her belt, we can’t imagine that Meghan will be checking out the Italian side-streets anytime soon.

Fruity fingers

Throughout her acting and lifestyle blogging career, Meghan Markle has been known for her sense of humor and entertaining personality – and she has loved to show this through her social media pages.

In this hilarious post a few years ago, Meghan topped her fingers off with berries and posed for a photograph. Although this was a way to get a few laughs, she might want to adopt this look in the future if she ever wears dark nail varnish in front of the Queen, since “unnatural” nail color is a big no-no in the Windsor household.

An intimate relationship

Suits fans will know the intimate relationship Meghan Markle has with her then-co-star, but they’ll also know that it’s all for the cameras. On the show, Meghan’s character Rachel Zane has a heated relationship with Patrick’s character, Mike Ross – but in reality, they are just friends.

As soon as Patrick posted the throwback photo, trolls were quick to believe that Patrick was in competition for her attention. To avoid all of the negative press and to avoid speculation around himself and Meghan, he deleted the photograph.

On vacation

Like the rest of us, Meghan loves nothing more than unwinding from work, and chilling out with her friends and family – or even embarking on a solo trip to truly take her mind away from the hustle and bustle of set life.

In this photo she uploaded to her Instagram page, Meghan made no secret of the fact that she was getting pretty into the vacation way of life. After all, a balanced diet is a glass in each hand! However, as her Duchess duties take over, carefree trips like this may be fewer than she’s used to.

Chilling out

Although The Tig is no longer up and running, Meghan Markle used her lifestyle blog to check out new and exciting places around the world.

In her blog, she wrote about travel and other topics and made sure she knew firsthand what she was talking about. For research purposes, of course. In one of the many travel-related posts on her social media pages, Meghan posted this chilled out snapshot of one of her trips. Is this their honeymoon destination, perhaps?

A dog’s life

If you’ve been following Meghan Markle on Instagram for a while now, you’ll know that she’s a huge dog lover.

For many years, Meghan has been the proud owner of two dogs – a Beagle named Guy, and a Labrador-Shepherd mix named Bogart – and has posted numerous photos of herself cuddled up on the couch with them in the past. This love of dogs will come in handy when she visits Queen Elizabeth and her Corgi mixes at Buckingham Palace! Let’s hope they like her.

Tucking in

As well as updating her fans on her vacation pictures, Meghan also likes to post about food – because really, who doesn’t? Although this looks like a yummy dish, it’s probably not what she’ll be eating for the rest of her life.

With weird and wacky culinary rules to abide by, members of the Royal Family are under strict instructions at the dinner table. Noodles and pasta are off the Buckingham Palace menu, and it’s also tradition that once the Queen has stopped eating, EVERYBODY stops eating. Even if they’re mid crumpet.

Sandy toes

After posting this snapshot of her vacation on Instagram, many people were wondering where she was, and where she was planning to go next.

Although she was probably going back to her swanky hotel to get ready for a night of fun and laughter with her friends, there could always be the chance that she was going to have a quick power nap before the night began. Unfortunately, it was probably one of the last naps she will have – at least officially – as going to bed before the Queen is thought to be strictly forbidden.

Vacation envy

Over the course of her Instagram streak, Meghan Markle has made millions of us jealous thanks to her perfect vacation snaps.

From the impressive backdrop to the crystal clear water in the background, the drinks on the table, to her outfit, it all looks absolutely magnificent. In the past, Meghan has taken trips by herself, but it seems she won’t be able to continue this after her wedding day, as women are not allowed to travel by themselves. What a shame!

Bedtime antics

Like most of us on social media, we often take photographs of random moments that make us happy. For the most part, we love to share these snapshots with our nearest and dearest, to give them a little insight into our lives, and spread a little joy.

It’s believed that Meghan wanted to do the same when she shared this candid photograph on her Instagram page, while she sat in bed in a silky negligee. Unfortunately, we can’t imagine she’ll be posting any more of these photos anytime soon.

The royal treatment

Although many of us dream of marrying into a royal family and becoming a real-life princess, there is so much more to it than simply wearing a tiara and ball gown 24/7, and bossing people around!

There are numerous aspects of the royal life that takes a lot of getting used to – but it seems that Meghan Markle is already getting into the spirit of things. In this quirky Instagram post, Meghan showed the world that she is ready to sit in her bedchambers and rule the world!

All black everything

It’s no secret that black is a hugely flattering color, and Meghan is no stranger to wearing black and taking suggestive photographs such as this one.

With the high slit and the revealing pose, we bet this is the last time Meghan will wear such a dress – though she should definitely wear this color again. In fact, it is a royal requirement for every member of the Royal Family to have a ready-to-wear funeral outfit with them during every trip to prepare them for any sudden deaths. How lovely.

Snapchat filters

Like most people in this day and age, Meghan Markle is no stranger to Snapchat. In fact, she has often publicized her Snapchat name on her social media channels and wowed her adoring fans with cute filters, including the hugely popular dog filter.

Meghan posted this dog selfie a couple of years ago, but we can imagine the Queen suggesting she delete the app from her phone. Unless she wants Meghan to snap pictures of her and her Corgis, which we would totally appreciate.

Saying goodbye

As the Duchess of Sussex, all of Meghan’s social media activity are now run by a royal social media manager, who controls every post and comment to go public from it.

In fact, Meghan has already joined Prince Harry, William and Kate on the Kensington Royal social media channels. As for her own, Instagram page, well, Meghan hasn’t posted anything there since this collage was uploaded in April…

Feeling cheeky

During her Instagram reign, Duchess Meghan (has a nice ring to it) proved that she had a playful side to her, and many of her photos depicted her adorable smile, her playground antics, and her lovable personality.

Unfortunately, this photograph wasn’t taken before Prince Harry popped the question, which means her priceless engagement ring is missing from her ring finger. Good thing, too, because we haven’t got our sunglasses on, and that thing packs some serious bling. Fun fact: Meghan’s engagement ring features an impressive center diamond from Botswana, while the two side diamonds are from Princess Diana’s personal collection…

Flower power

Over the course of her career, Meghan has made no secret of the fact that she luuuuurves freshly cut flowers – though really, who doesn’t?

However, one does not simply walk down the street in pajamas and pick up a bouquet or two. Oh, no. One must dress to the nines in a chic outfit, sunglasses, and designer purse that are fit for a princess (or duchess). Wonder if this new royal will fill her new marital abode with a few of her favorite things?

Roughing it

Although she is a mega superstar and loved by millions of people across the globe, Meghan Markle has also proved that she is incredibly down to earth, and one of the common folk. She has shown this numerous times through her Instagram posts and posted ordinary photos like this one to her feed.

Because really, who hasn’t posed next to a giant turkey at one point or another? (Okay, we totally haven’t) Unfortunately, it seems as though Meghan will soon be swapping barbecued turkey for pheasant, or swan, or something equally as fancy.


It’s no secret that Meghan Markle is a woman of great intelligence and awareness of the world – but that doesn’t mean she can’t get down with the kids and enjoy a good hashtag every now and then, does it?!

Previously, Meghan posted this #NoBadEnergy photograph to all of her followers, alongside some pretty adorable kitten pumps. Unfortunately, there are some royalists who may struggle to accept Meghan into the British Monarchy, so she might have to endure a little bad energy, though with her own fortitude and Harry by her side, we want to believe she’ll be able to manage.

Little pumpkin pie

Like almost everyone else in the world, Meghan Markle enjoys her life and all of the various holidays Americans annually celebrate. She celebrates everything from Thanksgiving to Christmas, Easter and even Halloween with style – and keeps her fans up to date with her holiday antics.

Although we bet she loved sticking this pumpkin on her head and posing for the camera, as a Brit, we can’t imagine ol’ Liz spending All Hallow’s Eve carving a pumpkin and leaving it outside Buckingham Palace for trick-or-treaters.

A Grecian Goddess

Over the course of her career, Meghan Markle has worked extremely hard to get where she has in life and celebrates her success with a vacation or two (okay, a vacation or ten).

No matter where she goes in the world, she will always take cheeky snaps of herself in front of Instagram-worthy backdrops and stylish outfits. However, her upcoming vacations will include tours of war-stricken and impoverished countries, so she might not get the chance to “do it for the ‘Gram.”

A man in uniform

Despite the fact that Prince Harry might be a few names down the heir to the throne list, he has proved that he is the perfect prince through his subsequent actions.

Sure, he may have been a *little* bit of a player during his younger years, but he also put time and energy into serving his country within the military. Luckily, Meghan has a soft spot for the armed forces (and a man in uniform), as she posted this little snap during a USO tour in 2015.

Dorothy on the streets

Although many of Meghan Markle’s Instagram photos have shown off her compassion and her beauty, she has posted a few photographs that have raised a few eyebrows – including this one.

After taking a photograph of a bearded man in a sweatshirt that reads “Dorothy on the streets, Blanche in the sheets” many fans have speculated that the unknown man could, in fact, be Prince Harry himself. However, we doubt his grandmother would be too happy to see this strewn across the internet.

One last hurrah

Many believed there was a chance that Meghan Markle could keep her social media channels to herself – but it seems that she wasn’t granted this royal privilege.

In January 2018, Meghan’s Instagram page was officially deleted from the social media platform, and it seems as though the farewell to her Tig followers was her last hurrah as a non-royal. Well, goodbye Meghan Markle’s Instagram, it’s been a great run. We hope to see you in the future on the royal social media pages – although it just won’t be the same.